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  • eatbrowneggs eatbrowneggs Sep 1, 2010 9:25 PM Flag

    Sell quickly

    egg market is about to crash hard

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    • Not a short term trader type, but if I were, I would make sure to read the Monday morning egg price report before taking a short-term long position. Just a suggestion. Read the Monday a.m. MW USDA egg report. I’m not saying it will help you with your decision, but you should definitely read the Monday a.m. USDA egg report. Google USDA egg market report and read it. It’s released at 9:00a.m EST. The Friday USDA MW egg report will give you a clue to what the Monday a.m. USDA report will say, but you’ll really want to see the Monday a.m. USDA egg report for the full affect before making that big long day trade bet. This is just a FWIW suggestion. CALM stock price might not even budge or it might even go up, but would want to make sure all the facts are known before making a big bet. Ok can’t help it here’s the preview.

      Des Moines, IA Fri. Sep 10, 2010 USDA Market News

      SHELL EGGS: Daily Midwest Regional Eggs

      Midwest delivered asking prices for next week are 41 cents lower on extra
      large and large, and 29 cents lower on medium. Daily producer prices are 15
      cents lower on larger and 3 cents lower on medium and small sizes.
      Cartooned shell egg demand is light, while loose shell egg demand is light
      to moderate. Offerings are heavy to instances very heavy. Market activity
      is slow. Breaking stock prices are unchanged to 1 cent higher with checks
      and undergrades unchanged. Offerings are heavy and continue to include
      graded loose product. Demand is light to instances moderate. Supplies are
      heavy. Market activity is slow to moderate.

    • georgespelvin Sep 8, 2010 8:13 PM Flag


      Atlanta, GA Wed. Sep 8, 2010 USDA Market News

      SHELL EGGS: Daily National Egg Market-at-a-Glance

      New York prices are 11 cents lower on Extra Large and
      Large eggs and down 12 cents on Mediums. Prices in
      regions are steady with a lower undertone. Retail
      and distributive demand is very light to instances
      moderate. Current supplies range moderate to very
      heavy, mostly heavy for trade needs. Market activity
      is slow to inactive. Breaking stock offerings are
      heavy to very heavy for the light demand. Spent hen
      offerings are light to adequate; demand is light to
      mostly moderate.

      Source: USDA/AMS Poultry Programs, Market News & Analysis Branch
      Atlanta, GA 404.562.5850 email:

      Prepared: 08-Sep-10 1:15 PM E MTH

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      • NW_PY018
        Des Moines, IA Thu. Sep 09, 2010 USDA Market News

        SHELL EGGS: Daily Midwest Regional Eggs

        Producer prices are 12 cents lower on large and medium sizes, and 1 cent
        lower on small. Midwest delivered prices are steady. A lower undertone is
        still noted. Retail demand is light, while food service demand is light to
        moderate. Offerings are heavy to instances very heavy. Market activity is
        very slow. Breaking stock prices are 1 cent lower. Offerings remain very
        heavy and include graded loose product. Demand is light. Supplies are heavy
        and building. Market activity is slow.

    • >>egg market is about to crash hard<<

      From Rick Brown @ UB’s foodmarket.c*m
      >>Consumers, however, began to push back from the egg case almost immediately. Whether the slowdown in consumer demand was the result of retailers raising prices at the store level or the result of the adverse publicity from the salmonella recall is unknown. The bottom line is a dramatic slowing in demand. Open offerings are now reported throughout the wholesale market. Asking prices are completely open to negotiation and many are forced to move gradeable product into breaker channels. The initial panic buying has been replaced with panic selling, and as of this writing, the Midwest large market has now declined by 19 percent to $1.20 per dozen.<<

    • Quite an about face. What has suddenly happened that makes you think prices are about to fall? The stock did practically nothing on the so-called egg shortage, a literal one day wonder. But do you really think industry fundamentals have anything to do with how CALM performs? In the past poor fundamentals have rarely had any negative impact. I think the stock trades poorly but I don't think it is broken down yet. Maybe you will be right and this nails it.

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