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  • natrl9 natrl9 Jan 22, 1999 4:56 PM Flag

    ELBO keeps their success to themself!!

    And they manage another 100 stores of the Rhino
    group in and around the UK. I visited their website
    this morning and was impressed with their energy,
    especially the involvement by their associates. Looks like
    they have alot of oportunity, and a bright future with
    ELBO. They did mention they are adding 25-30 stores per
    year, so that is at least 1 every 2 weeks. And they are
    the very 1st American software retailer in Korea,
    tremendous! Since I am from the Chicago area, there is an
    ELBO in every major mall around here. Looking for a
    great earnings report from the holiday sales, as last
    qtr. SSS were up 14%. I posted this message earlier
    today, but apparantly lost it. Across the board selloff
    in the last hour of trading today. It's light
    volume, wouldn't be concerned with it. GO ELBO!!

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    • I thought you might like a kinder note from me.
      My only beef with you is that you aren't doing
      anything on the other board to help that particular stock
      and I own a bunch (for me). As for ELBO, I was in the
      mall again tonight (3 times this month, a new record),
      and it finally clicked that we too have an ELBO store
      in Parkersburg, WV. I didn't stop in last time
      because it was too packed, but the traffic was down
      enough tonight that I could get to the counter (about
      8-10 people tonight vs. 30). I have to agree that I
      like their stuff a lot better than the "other" stock.
      I think this store has a future here and probably
      anywhere. My only concern with this stock it that ignoring
      a one-day blip, it is awfully near the all-time
      high and the P/E is already 20. Without great earnings
      news, can it sustain the increases in price? So just
      what is the scoop on ELBO. I made 70% in the last
      three months, but anybody that can sustain over 300%
      for an entire year is worth listening too.
      By the
      way, are do you really think the "other" stock is a
      loser or are you just pissed at you know who. I have
      purposely not mentioned the other stock as this is an ELBO

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      • Sanderds, thanks for your interest in my
        thoughts. I have so much positive info, I don't know where
        to begin. Give you the #'s today, the reasoning
        tomorrow. I love Investors Business Daily. IBD is my
        soulmate to investing. In todays(mon.) ed, of IBD, ELBO
        has an Earnings per Share rating of 94, a Relative
        Price Strength of 89, Industry Group Relative Strenght
        of A, Sales + Profit Margins + R.O.E. rating of A,
        and an Accumulation/Distribution rating of B. Pick up
        a copy. On their profile board, ELBO's ROE really
        stands out at 52%. William O'Neil, founder of IBD, says
        any stock with an ROE over 17% is excellent. About
        this years EPS of $1.02, a price of 25 would give a PE
        of 24.5. Any EPS surprises on the upside would
        obviously lower the PE ratio. Last 2 qtr.'s had upside
        surprises of 67% and 33%. That is positively HUGE. And now
        we're into the best qtr. of the year! Look at the last
        page of todays(mon.) ed. of IBD, on pg. A27, the
        Industry prices section, and you'll see ELBO's sector,
        Retail/Whlsle-Cmptr/Cell, (IBD has added Cell, which is why there are 36
        listed) at #11 out of 197. Awesome. ELBO has had 2 out of
        2 analysts rating them a STRONG BUY for the last 3
        months, or longer. Almost forgot, ELBO is rated #3 out of
        19 on the research board. An industry leader looking
        to be #1. And what I feel is one of the most
        important, ELBO is within striking distance of taking out
        the 52 week high of 25 just on the strength meeting
        their EPS expectations alone. Anything above, a PE less
        than 24 and say goodbye to old 52 week high. A PE in
        the low 20's for a company beating the street by huge
        margins for the last 3 qtr.'s is very low. ELBO is a
        class company, on the move, in the right sector at the
        right time. I know I jumped around alot, but I hope you
        get my sentiments. I'll post more info tomorrow.