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  • rather_be_long rather_be_long Jan 29, 1999 9:35 PM Flag

    Just relax and be rewarded

    ELBO has established a trading range between
    $18.00 and $19.12 over the last couple of weeks on "No
    News". I see this as a positive...because at the first
    hint of positive news from the Company buyers will
    appear. Since there are obviously very few sellers at
    this level, the MM's should be able to move the price
    up very quickly. In a way, not having news blips,
    every other day from the company, can also have a
    positive effect... because too much news, about nothing,
    tends to reduce the impact of really good news when it
    is finally reported. I too, at this point, wish the
    Company would give us something new to chew on but since
    I am committed here, for the long term, I will just
    sit back, relax and enjoy what I am confident will be
    a very profitable long term ride.
    It seems to me
    that the last time it got quiet like this was just
    before the ten point spike caused by the few second
    mention on CNBC.
    My point doesn't take
    much, by way of positive news, to push this ELBO price
    up. I think that those of us who have held this stock
    long since the IPO (and in my case, cost averaged when
    the stock temporarily dropped down to $7.00 a share)
    are not interested in a short term profit but rather
    a long term position in a company that will
    continue, year after year, to grow and prosper.
    said that...lets hope Q4 earnings crush the
    estimates!!! Everthing I read about the industry in general
    would seem to point in this direction.
    Good luck all
    ELBO longs!!!

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    • day, as ELBO management to give an analyst style
      half hour presentation, over the internet in
      conjunction with the Emerals Research Investor. Emerald
      selects fast growing, up and coming companies to talk
      about themselves on an invitation basis. Maybe we'll
      get an inkling of how 4th qtr. went, as well as an
      update on possible e-commerce with a potential portal.
      Check out todays news release.

    • Co says mid-late March

    • and welcome to the new ELBO investor/poster in
      the where to now? post. We are steadily being
      accumulated, as I mentioned in a previous post about info in
      IBD. I'm not budging from my position as well, because
      any positive news coming from ELBO will rock this
      baby up. Look for ELBO to creep up into the low 20's
      as we get into mid'late FEB. And we WILL ramp-up! If
      the 4th qtr. is the great qtr. we all think it is
      going to be, we're all going to be happy campers!

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      • Thursday January 28, 12:47 pm Eastern
        Company Press Release
        SOURCE: PC Data
        PC Data
        Releases 1998 Video Game Statistics; Fourth Quarter 1998
        Software Sales Soar 44 Percent, Console Sales Level
        RESTON, Va., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- U.S. retail sales of
        console video game software and hardware totaled $4.96
        billion in 1998 according to sales figures collected by
        PC Data. Sony's Playstation accounted for 54 percent
        of the industry's unit sales and revenue, while
        Nintendo 64 captured 28 percent of the units sold and 35
        percent of dollar sales. Compared to the fourth quarter
        of 1997, unit sales of video game software increased
        44 percent and revenues grew 35 percent. Console
        system sales increased 20 percent in units for the
        fourth quarter of 1998; however, a $20 mid-summer price
        reduction of the two competing ``next generation�� consoles
        resulted in a decrease in revenue of 2
        According to PC Data, 1998's top software publisher was
        Nintendo, finishing the year with 23 percent of the total
        units sold and a 24 percent revenue share. Including
        the top title of the year, The Legend of Zelda:
        Ocarina of Time, Nintendo landed four of the year's top
        ten best-selling titles. Nintendo closed the year
        with an even stronger presence, placing five titles in
        the top ten for the fourth quarter 1998 and
        increasing unit sales by 49 percent and revenue by 27
        percent over the same period last year.
        Sony was the
        number two video game software publisher in unit sales
        accounting for 14 percent of the units sold, including the
        year's top Playstation title, Gran Turismo. With a
        dollar share of 11 percent, Sony was the industry's
        number-three software revenue earner, following Nintendo and
        Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts was the number three
        software publisher with a 12 percent unit share and the
        number two publisher in revenue with a 13 percent dollar
        share. Acclaim finished in fourth place capturing a 6
        percent unit share and a 7 percent revenue share. Midway
        ranked fifth with a 5.8 percent unit share and a 6.7
        percent dollar share. Fourth quarter 1998 sales of the
        top five video game software publishers increased 33
        percent in units sold and 22 percent in dollar sales over
        the top five publishers of Q4 1997.
        ``1998 was a
        turning point for this generation of consoles,�� said
        Matt Gravett, PC Data video game analyst. ``Console
        system growth was stagnant, yet software sales soared,
        indicating that the 32/64 bit consoles may have reached a
        level of maturation and saturation signaling that a new
        era of consoles may not be far off.��
        Playstation outsold the Nintendo 64 by a ratio of 1.6 to 1
        throughout 1998 while capturing 45 percent of the console
        systems sold and a 53 percent dollar share. However,
        tallying sales from the Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy
        Color and Super Nintendo, the top console manufacturer
        in units was Nintendo, accounting for a 54 percent
        unit share and a 46 percent dollar share. Sales of the
        two next generation systems began to wan in 1998,
        comparing the second half of 1998 to the same time period
        of 1997, Playstation saw unit sales increase 10
        percent, while sales of the Nintendo 64 leveled,
        decreasing 1 percent.
        InterAct Accessories was 1998's top
        hardware accessories and peripherals manufacturer with 44
        percent unit share and 41 percent dollar share. InterAct
        saw fourth-quarter unit sales increase 54 percent and
        growth in revenue of 52 percent for 1998 compared to
        1997. Sony was the number two accessories and
        peripherals manufacturer with a 24 percent share of both
        units sold and revenue. Nintendo placed third with a
        unit share of 17 percent and a 22 percent share of
        revenue. With a unit and dollar share of 4 percent, Mad
        Catz was 1998's number four video game hardware
        accessories and peripherals manufacturer.
        Based in Reston,
        VA, PC Data has been providing point-of-sale data
        since 1991 and has become the only comprehensive source
        of software and hardware sales information.