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  • TTRollsDBones TTRollsDBones Mar 18, 1999 1:22 PM Flag

    ELBO strong or a mirage?

    Somebody please explain this stock to me. I've
    been watching this stock for about 2 months and simply
    can't find anything wrong with it. I originally bought
    in at 17 1/2 and went to bed kicking myself last
    night for not loading up in the 13-14 1/2 range before
    these excellent earnings were announced. Imagine my
    surprise to actually find the stock DOWN today after not
    only the great earnings announcement but a future
    earnings estimate upgrade to boot! I keep looking and
    looking at this stock and just can't find it's downside.
    It seems to me a fair valuation of this stock would
    be around 30 (maybe more). I tripled my position
    today at 14 1/8 with the P/E ratio at 10.09 and feel
    like I'm the only person in the world who sees what a
    GREAT buy this is. I'd really like some constructive
    negative critisism on this stock if there is something out
    there holding it down I'm not seeing.

    to all you longs freaking out about this slump, stop
    worrying. You shouldn't be talking about cutting your loses
    at 14, you should be loading up for what seems to me
    to be an inevitable runnup.

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    • Glad I haven't been long since upper teens. Will be able to buy at this price during next 30 days.

    • I believe you miscalculated the PE ratio. It
      should be 12.72 at the full earnings of $1.11 for year
      end. Once again, I believe we are shaking out more
      weak hands that aren't in the enviable position some
      of us else are. We KNOW what GREAT shape ELBO is in,
      we KNOW what a bright future they have with what is
      in the pipeline, 14% SSS, 100 new stores, possible
      IPO or acqisition, or affiliation with a MAJOR
      portal. ELBO WILL BE 28, IF NOT SOONER, THEN by

      • 1 Reply to natrl9
      • regarding all the "good stuff" you posted on
        ELBO's side of the ledger, and although this may not be
        significant, it is to be "potentially" added to the plus
        column for ELBO.

        If ELBO PLC (U. K. based)
        successfully completes the acquisition of GAME, the UK
        competitor of ELBO PLC, then ELBO (Electronic Boutique
        Holdings) benefits because ELBO receives a 1 % royalty on
        all sales. I suspect ELBO (U. S.) derives other
        monetary benefits also, but the royalty, based on top line
        sales, comes immediately to mind.

        Have a nice day

        Pickle 007