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  • rather_be_long rather_be_long Apr 23, 1999 1:50 PM Flag

    my apology to the board for my previous

    post. Now that I am at the office and am working
    off my laptop computer which has adobe capability...I
    was able to finally retreave the "ELBO"
    update...which turns out not to be an ELBO update at all...but
    rather a update on some other investment.
    In my
    excitement about seeing the headline (and never dreaming
    that Smith Barney would make this kind of foolhearty
    mistake) I was premature in bringing mis-information to
    this board and I apologize. I also have a call in to
    Maureen Mcgraff (212)816-3808 to complain about this
    Smith Barney mistake.

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    • The investment seminar I plan on attending is on
      May 19th. Call Diane Schultz to try to reserve a
      seat, as attendance is extremely limited. Her phone
      number is 847-405-7389. I am a big fan of Mr. Esposito,
      as he made me some serious cash. He knows value,
      usually undiscovered, it should be worth the trip.

    • I agree with you by the way that SSB has always
      been behind in their analysis of ELBO. To have a
      strong buy on a stock and not update your projections is
      ludicrous! Hopefully, Mullins' involvement should help.
      Either way, I feel we have a good stock

      more importantly, please let me know which conference
      / seminar by Prudential you are planning to attend
      as I too live near Chicago. Also, if you have
      details as to whether I could attend and what I need to
      do to make arrangements, it would be appreciated.
      Thanks in advance!

      Go Longs!

    • Barney hasn't increased their target from $ 18.
      In fact, I do believe that may be one of the reasons
      that ELBO hits a wall at the $ 18 area. After all, if
      you were a client or even one of their brokers and
      are watching your clients or your own investment
      dollars and along comes ELBO galloping from the low 12's
      or where ever it came from on this trip and gets up
      to touching or very close to $ 18, and you contact
      your own inhouse analyst and ask "what should I do?"
      The answer is already provided in the "target" within
      their report. This is stupid unless they really believe
      that $ 18 is the target and they intend to stick by
      their guns.

      What doesn't make sense is their
      estimate, not for this year, which I believe is $ $ 1.20,
      but next year which is $ 1.58 and they still leave it
      as a target of $ 18. This is so frustrating I want
      to scream. And since they were a major part of the
      IPO, we will have them and their clients in our face
      until something dramatic happens for ELBO or they
      change their target.

      On another note, I too have
      one of my accounts at Smith Barney at one of their
      offices back east, and I questioned my broker today on
      the "8 page" report you allude to. My broker has no
      such record in his computer on this whatsoever. Can
      you once again, post the correct URL, even if it's
      Adobe Acrobat as I can retrieve from Adobe. I have a
      feeling one of us is wrong and I hope it's my broker, but
      I strongly suspect it's on your end. After, think
      about this. If Smith Barney put out an update on one
      day, why would they issue an 8 pager within one more
      day? It doesn't make sense as much as I'd like it to

      I'll be looking for your response.

      Pickle 007

    • dated April 22, 1999 co-authored by Maureen
      Mcgrath and L. Keith Mullins of Solomon Smith Barney. The
      headline reads Fiscal 4Q99 EPS above expectations; sales
      and earnings trends remain strong.
      I feel somewhat
      vindicated because this is the report I was referring to in
      my post two post ago. Evidently, Smith Barney just
      mis-tagged the other report with "ELBO" and so when you
      tried to download this report you came up with the
      other non-ELBO report. Anyone that does not yet have a
      copy of this report should call their broker and have
      a copy sent out by fax.
      The report is extremely
      positive and favorable and I believe has contributed to
      the rise in the stock price over the last several
      trading sessions. The report also states, "We are raising
      our fiscal 2000 EPS estimate slightly to $1.20 from
      $1.19. It also mentions, "Fiscal 4Q99 same-store sales
      increased a surprisingly strong 14.6% vs 8.4% gain in
      fiscal 4Q98. Full-year comps increased 14.1%."
      If you
      want to E-mail Maureen McGrath for a copy of the
      report, her E-mail address is maureen,
      (not sure if it's a comma or period between maureen
      and mcgrath)
      Good luck ELBO longs,

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      • rbl, thanks for the blurb from ssb. imo the key
        to the report is the coauthoring of the report is by
        keith mullins. keith mullins shows up on cnbc as a
        small cap 'expert'. his name gives weight to the
        report. ssb clients see his name and see elbo with a pe
        of 13 and a growth rate of 20-30%. mcgrath on her
        own never moved the stock. it would be great if
        mullins mentioned elbo on cnbc. that would really move
        the stock! thanks again. good luck to all elbo longs.