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  • rather_be_long rather_be_long May 11, 1999 3:32 PM Flag

    Yahoo research now shows ELBO

    as #1 of 18 in the retail/wholesale industry
    backed up with 3 strong buy ratings. Fiscal year
    estimate raised to $1.22...and IMHO, this is conservative.
    Check it

    Good luck ELBO longs,

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    • once again something positive on this company
      comes out and nothing happens. UNBELIEVABLE!!!. whether
      it was payback for the erroneous mention in a past
      article or not doesn't matter. nor does it matter that
      individual investor doesn't have the greatest of
      credibility. all that really matters is that more people can
      read about this company and its fundamentals.visiblity
      is the most important thing for a company like this.
      i am still positive on this company. even if elbo
      only meets projected earnings the stock has to go up
      to at least the low 20s this year. keep the faith
      all elbo longs.

    • The_True_Gordon_Gekko The_True_Gordon_Gekko May 18, 1999 10:05 AM Flag

      Please let the rest of us know if Keith Mullins from SSB mentions ELBO. He should be on shortly. Thanks.

    • Remember, they (I think her name was Isabella)
      wrote that negative article about ELBO back on April
      7th and wrote incorrect facts about the lock-up?
      Pickle said ELBO IR knew about it. Maybe they lobbied to
      get IIOnline to post a positive article to correct
      the mistake! It's a good read!

      Check it

    • Letter as you point out, it's interesting to note
      there are 17 items recommended at the tail end of his
      current issue of which you are correct, ELBO is one of

      May I also point out that Reitmeister also

      A. C. Moore, Inc. which is ACMR and Braun's Fashions
      Corporation which is BFCI. Both ACMR and BFCI have been
      stocks I've posted about on this board quite often, BFCI
      for months now and ACMR within the past 30

      Thank you for pointing this out and it's nice to see
      someone in the business confirm what I've felt all

      Pickle 007

    • (continued)
      From: Individual Investor
      ======STOCK OF THE DAY==========
      Analysts expect the
      company to earn $1.22 a share for fiscal (January) 2000,
      according to Zacks Investment Research. This is up from
      $1.11 in fiscal 1999.
      First fiscal quarter
      consensus estimates call for $0.13 per share. But, this
      number could prove conservative if Sega's debut of
      Dreamcast is successful.
      A potential longer-term
      catalyst is the company's plans to open a new type of
      store, called EB Kids. The company plans to open a pilot
      in September, and is aimed at the parent looking for
      educational games and software for the kids. It will be an
      'all G-rated interactive store,' according to
      Even if Electronics Boutique earns the
      expected $1.22 a share, that makes shares at a recent
      $15.88 a share cheap, trading at 13 times consensus
      Bottom Line
      Electronics Boutique seems to
      have a secure position in the very competitive video
      Good luck,

    • Individual Investor Online. Here's the full
      Electronics Boutique: The Anti-Meat
      Individual Investor Online Analysis
      Analyst: Adam
      Lowensteiner 5/18/99
      Attention high school girls: Getting
      dates for the prom is not going to be easy this year.

      You see, the video game industry is coming out with
      zippier new technologies, like Sony Playstation 2 and
      Sega's Dreamcast.
      And in a recent poll conducted by
      Electronics Boutique (NASDAQ: ELBO) before these product
      introductions, male teenagers said they prefer playing video
      games to going out on dates with female counterparts.
      No kidding.
      So there's little surprise that Sean
      McGowan, an analyst with Gerard Klauer Mattison, picked up
      coverage of Electronics Boutique with a 'buy'
      recommendation just last week.
      Electronics Boutique operates
      over 500 video and computer game stores. Most of the
      stores are located in the United States, but they can
      also be found in Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia and
      South Korea and the company is looking at new markets
      like Scotland and Israel. 'We're not afraid of
      entering new markets,' exclaims Joe Firestone, president
      and chief executive officer at Electronics Boutique.

      The company, which went public last July, also sells
      its products through its website,, which
      it claims is profitable.
      The video game business
      has been pretty strong in recent years thanks to the
      introductions of newer and more sophisticated game platforms.
      And newer products are expected to boost the upcoming
      Christmas season.
      Afterall, Nintendo recently trotted
      out a new color Game Boy. This fall Sega is
      introducing its new game platform called Dreamcast. Sony
      plans to issue its PlayStation 2, which is to be
      DVD-based. It will have greater storage capacity than prior
      products, making the games more detailed. Also, games that
      go to the original PlayStation will be fully
      compatible with the new station.
      Another key to the
      business: Loyal, rabid customers. The typical game-player
      is male, around 20 years old, plays on average four
      hours a day, and buys on average 17 games a year. This
      $6.1 billion domestic market's development has
      intensified of late as the technology has gotten better.

      The introduction of personal computers for less than
      $1,000 has also boosted game sales.
      And as a
      specialist in the business, Electronics Boutique feels it
      has a competitive advantage in a crowded market,
      which ranges from retailers like Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT),
      Funco (NASDAQ: FNCO) a strip-mall based video game
      retailer, and your mom and pop shops scattered across the
      For one thing, Electronics Boutique usually
      offers about 20 new games a week. 'The guy who buys 17
      games a year,' says Firestone, 'is coming to
      Electronics Boutique [to shop].' He also points out that his
      company gets the new releases at least 7-10 days before
      other stores, and carries all titles. 'Stores like
      Wal-Mart have a better market share with the older
      titles,' he insists. 'They typically focus on the 'Top 40'
      Electronic Boutique has also been
      successfully incorporating its website, which the company
      claims is profitable. Management expects it to quadruple
      in sales this year to $16 million.
      Boutique also carries a clean balance sheet, with $42
      million in cash. As a result, it comfortably plans to
      open 100 new stores this year, and still barely touch
      its line of credit. (con't next post)

    • Individual investors online has name this stock as their stock of the day. 18 may 99.

      Good Luck


    • ELBO is recommended in the 5/16 issue of the
      Reitmeister Investment Newsletter. You will find the
      commentary near the end of the issue. Come check it out at


      Editor of the Reitmeister Investment Newsletter

    • as Keith Mullins of Salomon Smith Barney, is a
      guest on Market Watch at 10am Eastern. Everyone should
      remember that Mr. Mullins co-wrote the report for ELBO,
      along with Maureen McGrath. Everyone cross your fingers
      that he will mention ELBO, as a great 1st qtr. report,
      along with great forward looking news in the pipeline,
      is right around the corner!

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