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  • Pickle_007 Pickle_007 Jun 21, 1999 6:25 PM Flag

    ELBO's trading pattern Monday, 6/21

    based on 21,300 shares volume, down significantly
    from it's everyday average volume of 102,727 shares.
    Of today's volume,

    12,000 shares traded on
    the bid

    5,000 shares traded in the

    4,000 shares traded on the offer and the average price
    ELBO shares traded at today was $ 16.01. There were 43
    trades that averaged 495 shares per trade. ELBO shares
    closed down 5/8 at 15 7/8. The closing quote was 15
    15/16 bid for 200 shares offered at 16 for 1600

    ELBO continues to be locked into this very narrow
    trading range, but it appears to have found great support
    in the high 14's to low 15's. If it can maintain
    that support, the next launch at the 17's may be just
    enough to push it over the top.

    Have a great day
    to all on Tuesday.

    I continue to look for the
    "former" supporter who frequented this board every day and
    constantly found fault with my posts. I refer to natr19. Is
    he still a long? Or did he too decide to "take a
    hike" and go on to another investment opportunity. One
    of his posts of just a few weeks ago chastized me
    and others for listening to my idea of making an
    investment in ZRAN (Zoran Corp) in the mid to low 10's. With
    Circuit City discontinuing their competitive item to
    DVD's, ZRAN has moved up dramatically to the mid 15's
    and all in just two weeks. So much for natr19's
    warning for all of those on this board not to pay
    attention to my suggestions.

    Have a great day to all
    on Tuesday.

    Pickle 007

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