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  • axe_234 axe_234 Aug 15, 1999 12:41 AM Flag

    ELBO's top institutional holders are

    as noted in this URL. Go to:


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    • we love your sorry ass, give us a big kiss in the zit

    • one of the reasons, the main one, why I now use
      axe_234. They are harder to "forge" but there are still a
      few a**holes out there and one roach already posted
      under axe234, without serarating them. That's the main

      As far as my comfort zone, had I not been involved
      in the past serveral days with accumulating a few
      other stocks, I would have sent some buys in on ELBO.
      It was nearing my comfort zone. Honestly, I wasn't
      prepared to buy in the 16's and rather than say where as I
      don't want this to be a "self fulfilling" prophecy, and
      offend some other longs, suffice it to say, it was under
      the 16's.

      I've done it many times in the past
      8 to 10 months and ELBO has always cooperated with
      me. If ELBO doesn't cooperate with me this time, so
      be it and furthermore, if it doesn't (cooperate), I
      wish all longs the very best and God speed to the


    • Please note the prior forgeries of his

      axe_234 does not present near so many graphical
      opertunities for imposters.

      I hope Pickle will let us
      know his price target for buying ELBO again.

    • you answer everybody questions about
      information. but I've never seen
      your answer for changing
      your handle as
      often as you have. why is that? if
      you can't
      say why or won't than you have to be a

    • are you him too? His replys are to some of your other ID's.

    • onthe money when you say that the combination of
      the Fortune article and the CBS recap on FNCO had
      more to do with making FNCO a successful trade than my
      own skills.

      I think if you look back you will
      see many times in which you picked a stock to buy,
      and it languished and then all of a sudden something
      comes out of the blue and propels the stock for you.
      That something is nothing you counted on.

      far as FNCO is concerned, selling size was a real
      anguish, something I wouldn't want to deal with in the
      size I owned again. I'm lucky, but the cash register
      rings whether it's from luck or skill, as you

      After I sent you a few "nasty barbs" in the past
      several weeks, I took a look at your well crafted website
      and must admit you are obviously of a caliber higher
      than I had given you credit for (before I visited your
      site). So please accept my apology for such. I would
      like if you and I could communicate from here forward,
      whether we disagree or not, but let's exchange the
      dialogue as we can both learn from the other's MO (modus
      operundi - my Latin is showing).

      I may not agree
      with you, but I'll respect your opinion and if you
      give me the same courtesy, this can only be a win-win
      for us both.

      Okay with


      P. S. And yes, I love ELBO and will be looking
      carefully for a reentry point.

    • Let me tell you a little about my own
      trading experience with ELBO since you were
      enough to share you FNCO in such great detail.

      First off let me preface these remarks by saying
      WISH I had the same kind of luck with all my
      as I have had with ELBO.

      I watched with
      great anticipation the IPO of ELBO,
      after all it was
      a company were I have known the quality
      for some time. HOWEVER as anyone who has read
      web site for the duration can tell you I
      very bearish on the market at its peak in July
      I remained so till the selling climax of early
      It was at this point that I asked the kind longs
      this board which included RBL and N9 if there
      anything I was missing in my DD. The next day I made
      major play and bought at $7 on Oct 8th oh I
      have bought FNCO at 10.50. But that would have
      been a 63% return. Barely keeping up with the
      since that date. That core position is about to
      a long term cap gain and as of yesterday was
      So when you slam longs just remember most that have
      long term have done just fine.

      I have also
      traded ELBO again with precision that
      only can happen
      with one stock in a lifetime. Oh sure
      I've "channel
      traded many" some have broken up on me
      when I didn't
      expect it to and I lost that gain and
      others have
      broken down. But buying ELBO 13-14 and
      selling 18 has
      proven to be right on for me. During
      this last time
      for whatever reason you tried the "ugly
      While 13% is not bad and I'm happy for you,
      small potatoes compared to my buy in at 13 7/8
      July 1st. That trade as of yesterdays close was up
      in under 2 months. I could have bought FNCO that
      day for 17.75 but where would it be today? I did
      1/2 my trading lot at 18 on August 2nd. The
      was twofold. One I pointed to the chart weakness
      looking toppy as always at 18. The main reason
      that as with all my trades at the time I did NOT
      to go into the jobs data on the 6th and CPI/PPI
      too long on anything. But one day before
      earnings I did
      buy back that 1/2 position at 17 3/4.
      Not a big deal there
      but it did give me piece of
      mind during a rocky time in
      the market. And did
      payoff on my other trades to a

      I think even you would have to admit to being
      at least twice over on that FNCO trade.
      Number one just
      being able to get out of such a thin
      stock was a high risk
      to begin with. Secondly it is
      still to this day in a negative
      channel something
      that can get worse with little warning.
      Marketwatch article had more to do with your
      13% than did
      you skill. But HEY I'll take luck over skill
      day of the week :-)

      So while I don't LOVE any
      stock, I am in total LUST with
      ELBO and for good
      reason :-)

    • Sega Announces More VMU Specifics
      August 24,
      We've got the latest details on VMU use in
      U.S. launch titles!
      Story courtesy of IGN �

      Earlier today, Sega America made an official announcement
      in regards to how the Dreamcast's first batch of
      launch titles will utilize the machine's unique
      peripheral, the Visual Memory Unit. While most of the initial
      games due out will only support the device by using it
      as a saving function, there are several games ready
      to put the handheld into action, and we thought we'd
      take a look:
      Sonic Adventure will allow you to
      download mini creatures onto your VMU and raise them as
      your very own pets. As they grow older and stronger,
      you can enter them in fights and races, in order to
      gain a few extra Sonic coins!
      Capcom's 3D fighter
      Powerstone will give you the option to play a number of
      different games, should you feel the need for a little more
      variety. These include a mini-airplane shooter and a
      Vegas-style slot machine. By completing each one, you'll earn
      a number of gold coins, which can then be used to
      unlock special features within the main game.
      on to the as-of-yet unreleased Dreamcast games, Sega
      Sports' NFL2K will provide gamers with strategic options,
      enabling them to surprise their opponents with secret
      attacks using the VMU's LCD screen.
      In Midway's Ready
      2 Rumble, gamers can track their health meter,
      punches thrown and the percentage of accuracy on their
      VMU, giving them a competitive advantage!
      Acclaim's Trickstyle will feature one mini-game, dubbed
      Trickstyle Jr. As futuristic hover-boarders, players can try
      to ride over pickups that increase the length of the
      colorful streak of light trailing behind their board in
      the actual game. However, the longer the streak, the
      harder they'll find it to traverse the area as their
      tail gets in the way. They'll then be able to upload
      their light streaks into the main races.
      So, it
      looks like you'll never have to face a boring bus
      journey again! As extreme fans of portable gaming, we
      can't wait to get our hands on these mini-games. Now,
      what did you say a Gameboy was?
      -- Matthew Langan,
      I can't wait to purchase this new system...and only
      two weeks til launch.

    • face to face discussion, you'd see I agree with
      you ELBO is far and above the company superior in
      every aspect to FNCO. You are quick to defend ELBO, and
      you have every right. So as not to have to debate
      this point again, I agree. I love ELBO and it's
      management and think they are some of the sharpest operators
      in the retail sector today, bar none. I can't be any
      clearer than that.

      I siezed an opportunity to buy
      FNCO trading at the lower end of trading range
      commencing on 8/3, and adding to that position on 8/4, 8/5,
      8/6 and 8/9 and then selling it all on 8/18, 8/19 and
      8/20. I owned FNCO 14 trading days. This was a trade

      I've just compared the prices of ELBO on those same
      days, had I bought ELBO instead at the lowest possible
      prices ELBO traded at on those days. Along side the
      lowest possible ELBO price, I'll post my average costs
      for FNCO, including commissions.

      8/3 Bought
      FNCO @ 16.83 Could have bought ELBO @ 17 7/8
      Bought FNCO @ 16.15 Could have bought ELBO @ 17
      8/5 Bought FNCO @ 15.15 Could have bought ELBO @ 17
      8/6 Bought FNCO @ 15.33 Could have bought ELBO @ 17
      8/9 Bought FNCO @ 15.71 Could have bought ELBO @ 18

      My combined average cost in FNCO with commissions
      was $ 16.16 and had I bought ELBO each day in equal
      amounts, my average cost would be 17 11/16, "not"
      including commissions.

      I sold FNCO on 8/18, 8/19 and
      8/20 at an average selling price of $ 18.36 (including
      commissions). My net was $ 2.20 per share which was 13.16 % for
      14 days, but I will admit this trade was "in size."
      ELBO today closed 18 7/16 bid offered at 18 1/2 and if
      I were to buy or be able to buy ELBO tomorrow at 18
      1/2 in the same size, I bought FNCO, I'd have a $
      2.20 per share cushion built in (if I want to factor
      that in). Suffice it to say, the trade was super
      successful and I hope I'm able to back into ELBO once again.
      If I don't get the opportunity, I wish all longs the
      very best. There's not been a time in the past 8/10
      months when ELBO didn't "pause" to allow me the
      opportunity to become a shareholder. If ELBO won't wait this
      time, so be it.

      Frankly, I hoped to be able to
      conclude this trade and be able to buy ELBO all before the
      9/9/99 date I have in mind for a potential greater "than
      great" Dreamcast launch that could occur at ELBO's
      retail units. I do believe a successful launch of
      Dreamcast is already factored in, but it may just turn out
      the Dreamcast launch may be successful beyond
      everyone's wildest dreams (no pun intended).

      And if
      FNCO would get "slaughtered" again, I might try to
      repeat this performance, but note I said "might" try.
      Being much thinner in trading that even ELBO is,
      trading in FNCO wasn't easy, and in fact exiting was far
      more difficult and timing had to be precise, as you
      can see from today's backtracking into the high 16's
      (for FNCO).

      To sum up, I'm an ELBO fan, but not
      one who believes I must be long ELBO 365 days a year,
      and if that makes me into a "not so loyal" ELBO fan,
      so be it.

      I truly wish you the best with
      ELBO and hope this launch and all else they have going
      for them produces sales and earnings growth beyond
      your wildest expectations.

      I have a copy of
      Prudential Securities's 8/24/99 update and reiteration on
      ELBO just penned by Harry Katica, their analyst who
      covers ELBO. I'd be glad to send it to you
      electronically however simply because I don't have the time to
      reprint the two full pages and portion that tides over to
      page 3. I don't know how, but if you could somehow
      come up with a way to transfer this to you, assuming
      you don't want to post an email address, I'd gladly
      do so. I will tell you Harry's target is still $ 25
      and while this update is "mostly" positive, it also
      points out the few "softer" areas to be aware

      You decide and I'll attempt to get it to


      P. S. This same offer goes out to natrl9 (to
      transfer the Prudential Securites 8/24/99 2 1/2 page

    • raises EPS estimates once again from $1.23 for
      fiscal 1999 to $1.25 and from $1.43 for fiscal 2000 to
      $1.45. He is also projecting comparable store sales to
      grow at a 5-6% pace for balance of fiscal 1999 and
      says that ELBO is on track to open 100 new stores for
      the year. He reiterates his strong buy recomendation
      with a price target of $25.00. He does mention that
      9/9/99 should be a record breaking performance thanks to
      the release of Sega
      I feel very strongly that should one or more
      additional analyst pick up coverage of ELBO with strong buy
      recommendations, we will finally see this baby take off.
      luck to the faithfull ELBO longs who have patiently
      waited for Wall Street to discover this gem.

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