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  • balsac57 balsac57 Mar 9, 2000 8:39 AM Flag

    and another thing....

    didn't ebworld say all last year that they expect to do 16 million for the year?

    Why the shortfall?

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    • I am not from the state of AK but I believe

      that one can make a case for "show me" in view
      the past history of MSFT's vaporware years ago. ELBO
      should reap the benefits in any event.

      PS I
      covered SNRS; on it my views have not changed. I have
      been in the SPY channel and
      holding a very nice
      bearish position. KIDE
      long needs a little break-out
      - am holding.

      Thanks for the post on

      Good luck.
      ELBO go - go .

    • I've enjoyed your E-mails/posts as well.
      Clearstation is where I do most of my T/A but I mostly post
      here on Yahoo and . ELBO is about
      the only position I have that I am vocal about...most
      of my other positions are just long/long term holds
      "blue chippers" that I don't get to excited about day
      to day. I have also done well recently with cien,
      amkr, cntr and picked up a little fnco @ $10.00...but
      they are not for discussion on this board. Great to
      here from you again.
      My best wishes to you in all
      your investing.

    • It is a pleasure to see that you still
      hold an
      interest in ELBO. Just wanted to
      say welcome back and
      your contributions
      on T/A are always welcomed. If
      for no other
      reason as a check and balance on my

      I heard little of the Gates
      last evening. Of course the phone rang
      at almost
      the exact same time it was on
      CNBC. What I did
      overhear was Bill and
      co are planning expenditures
      roughly more
      than that for Windows 95.

      I also
      need to print a retraction of an earlier
      I made regarding NVIDA.
      It seems the system is
      not the polygon
      pusher I was lead to believe by
      what Ive
      read and heard from sources. Because
      simply cant provide those numbers. So I gather
      we are
      going to have a striped down PC that
      plays games on
      the net/TV with a very nice video
      card but less
      than what I was expecting.
      Can't we already do this
      with a TV out on the PC?

      MSFT tried this
      before and failed. He (BILL)
      doesn't like the idea of
      Sony beating him
      to the end game. The be all set
      top box.
      I have serious doubt whether the
      can support more than two game consoles
      in the
      same time frame. Look how Dreamcast
      has killed the
      N64 market.

      PS: The S&P still preforming
      in line with its current bear channel !!
      reversal today and Monday at the top
      of this channel
      was proof + in my book.
      And for Gods sake close
      that SNRS short:-)
      PLEASE !!!LOL

      Best wishes
      to you and all ELBO longs,

    • PS 2 for 2000
      Advanced Gameboy 2001

      Industry on verge of explosion. Bill Gates just adds more credibility to the future of the business.

    • A prior commitment did not permit me to tune

      in on the Business Center program on video

      games. A brief abstract would be greatly

      The TA for ELBO continues to be very bullish. This
      board has been one of the most
      civilized of its
      Happy days are here again for the longs.

    • So they came out with a good showing. I'm very
      happy with the results. I think the gaming industry is
      going to explode soon and they are in good position to
      benefit. The funny thing is, I dumped etys at 56, zany at
      12, and skds at 14 (all last year), but decided to
      keep my elbo positions in spite of the slide. The
      formers tanked awful, elbo was pulled down with them but
      never approached their lows so I consider myself lucky
      in that respect. Thanks for all your solid posts.
      LOL, TS

    • not just by earning 0.97 cents but how about they
      more then doubled my shareholder equity from $48.8M to

      Selected Consolidated Balance Sheet Data
      (Amounts in
      Jan 29, Jan 30,
      2000 1999
      Cash and
      cash equivalents $88,356 $42,006
      inventories 90,551 65,433
      Total current assets 198,940
      Total assets 275,513 172,047
      liabilities 154,942 120,705
      Total liabilities 159,026
      Stockholders' equity 116,487 48,842

      Gotta go, C/C time!!

    • Did you say the same thing with virtually every
      internet company Ebay, Amazon, etc that are all spending
      hundreds of million to establish a brand and losing money
      at the same time. What do you expect them to set uop
      a site and millions of customers just to show up.
      It costs money to brand. If you own the stock you
      should be happy that same store sales were up so much,
      revenues increased almost 30% and you have a ridiculously
      low PE.

    • Looking forward, ELBO did $1.44 this year,
      without the ad charges. With Playststion 2 this year,
      instead of revenue jumping 27% like it did thisd year,
      I;ll venture to say ELBO increases revenue by 30%,
      especially with the 100-125 new store openings this yuear.
      That compares to 87 store openings in 99. Based upon
      30% growth, and no charges this year forward, 30%
      comes out to $1.87. Give ELBO a conservative PE of 17,
      and we get a price target of 32. With a matched PE of
      21, during the Dreamcast launch last fall, a PE of 21
      gets us to 39. So I'll be buying on any dips, you do
      what you want .

      • 1 Reply to natrl9
      • I'm just frustrated with good companies that
        throw away good money.

        Sure, ecommerse is
        important, and the way of the future, in some respects, but
        it's frustrating to see it weigh down a wonderful
        company. Spin it off, let it sink or swim on it's own

        I have a considerable position (relative for me) in
        this company, and one obviously puts their money to
        work where they exzpect a dollar to increase the
        fastest. I just don't like to see anything that may put
        the breaks on.

        Imagine how many stores 9
        million could buy.