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  • wrenn_leaming wrenn_leaming Jun 6, 2012 9:42 PM Flag

    Safe point to buy $ 8.6214, look here I did math ;).

    Cash - STI + P,P&E - Depreciation - Total Liabilities
    (15M )- (46.85M )+ (657.89M) - (221.62M) - (161.29M)

    =(243.13 M)- (3.34% for inflation)-(24.425 million )/(24,425,699 SHARES OUTSTANDING)=
    $8.6214301584572871384356288022709= Safe Point to BUY

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    • I bought in at 8.30 and will continue to buy, any vet knows you buy in at the bottom and ladies and gentleman this is the bottom,save your pennies and avg down put your seat belt on and wait for the price of oil to go above 100 per bl,this company is well financed and there is a reason the 6k and 15k stock sales are being gobbled up at $6.oo a share

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      • any vet knows we aren't close to the bottom. I remember when FRO back in 2002-4 had assets to debt 2 to 1 with a book of $20 and it dropped all the way down to $3. Very slowly. The market wasn't near as bad then either

        FRO used to trade as a foreign stock and has since changed the symbol

        but vets KNOW we aren't close to a "bottom"

        I wouldn't touch this stock with a 10 foot pole right now. When the market turns there will be LOTS of time to buy. LOTS.

        NAT has a stronger balance sheet but the tanker market is weak weak. When Nat hits a bottom and then turns, along with stable tanker rates, maybe, maybe VLCCF will turn too and catch back up. Tanker rates have to turn and stay high

    • So at today's price of $6.25 you lost only 25%.