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  • jimboatKU jimboatKU Nov 8, 2007 11:03 PM Flag


    This is unbelieveable. I honestly thought that I was buying at the bottom at 23.28. The entire index is down over 56% from it's all time high. Learn something new every day I guess. Real estate will eventually come back though unless the entire US economy is doomed forever. I know the US economy will remain a powerhouse over the long term & US real estate will follow.

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    • to 20 or 25...That makes a share price right around $1850 to $19..I'd put a few dollars in at that then losers like Wangeroo will have drown in tears and you'll know that the dumb money has thrown in the towel....

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      • guys like wang aren't smart enough to admit defeat and sell. they'll just keep buying more and more shares as the price declines, thinking that if it's good to do with mutual funds it must be good to do with individual equities, and before they know it they're so far under water they CAN'T sell. they never heard of the words "opportunity cost", and wonder how everybody who waited and bought at much lower prices doubled their money in half the time....

    • didn't quite make it to stop on the express to hell is 19.25 to 19.50...By then the Fed may intervene again...and XHB, in my estimation, might actually be worth buying while it plays out the string to 22.00 or 23.00. By Spring 2008 it is still a 14.00 equity...but between now and then a liquidity bounce could make everyone some money.
      The housing crisis is so far from over it is frightening.

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      • i have NO idea what the low will be, nor will i even attempt to make a prediction. all i know is that this thing has been inchworming its way DOWN for the last 6 months, with all the nostredamus types being quickly discredited with their calls of "all the bad news is priced in"....

        at least THEY were smart enough (unlike the wanger) to take a capital loss and perhaps come back to repurchase at a later time versus DCA-ing their way to a large paper loss...

    • We've just experienced another dead cat bounce..boing the magic twanger wanger. XHB is one of those very dangerous contra looks so low that it must be a bargain. It's going lower..... the bottom will probably be 17 and change...everytime the Fed loosens we'll see a bounce..everytime the market makes a slight run...we'll see a bounce. Follow wanger to the grave..follow Cramer to a bottomless pit...or redeploy your cash....

    • I'm going to make an educated guess that the bottom in XHB will be sometime early next Spring in the $14 area.

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