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  • staminiaboy staminiaboy Jun 24, 2010 1:51 AM Flag

    Why nothing can fix housing

    Thing you missed is that part's of the world are swimming in cash, "ASIA" to be exact. Have you seen the sales tours in many parts of the country?

    America & your freedom are on sale to the world & they are buying, I just hope they run it better than we have!

    Just a question of enough time to get the excess inventory off the market, should be about 6 to 9 more months & then a shortage will hit & prices will spike.

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    • Even so, that is a very small number of buyers which will not make a difference. The real problem is jobs and the economy which will not get better unless confidence is restored. After getting burned in the crash, people and companies are keeping a tighter grip on their wallets and that grip will not loosen unless people are more confident that they will not need immediate liquidity in the near future.

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