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  • yahoo yahoo May 14, 2005 9:07 AM Flag

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    • I was in the Mall on Friday. Bought some new
      Nautica shoes. Very comfortable. The guy in the Bostonian
      Store said he had sold three pairs that day alone. He
      said they just got them in.

      I Dillards you can
      guess what was most prominently displayed...TOMMY. The
      Nautica stuff had about a fifth of the floor space. But
      the staff manning the TOMMY cash registers were
      standing around. The line at the Nautica register was 5
      deep. The racks were practically empty as well. Now
      they did have NAUT stuff marked down 25% but even the
      stuff not on sale was selling. I did not check but they
      may have had TOMMY off 25% as well. I think Nautica
      apparel is starting to catch on. There are a couple of
      apparel stores in the Mall that literally sell nothing
      but Tommy. If I had any guts I would have told them
      to start stocking Nautica. While they had customers
      it was not exactly packed.

      Go NAUT

    • It seems the price is easing up a bit or is that my imagination. The chart looks like first 17 dollar for a while. Do you hear any target.

    • Papaapapa,

      Do you still think you're too
      early? After this week I'd say you're right on time. I
      work in the investment industry and I have already
      heard from clients and others how they are going to
      "lighten up" towards the end of the year. Best case
      scenario is that people become prudent and do not add to
      their positions in November and December. If this
      happens the market moves sideways or downwards slightly.
      Worse case scenario is everyone tries to beat everyone
      else out the door and the market drops substantially.
      I believe that there will be some outstanding
      buying opportunities in December and I am waiting til
      then. Currently I have written covered calls on stocks
      that I like for the long run, Nautica included and
      invested about 2/3 of my portfolio in Barrick gold. I'm
      not a gold bug but it is a great company even with
      gold at an all-time low that should outperform the
      market the rest of the year. I say go for it and build
      some cash reserves because the odds of a substantial
      run up in the second half of the year are slim. Good

    • Shouldn't try to time 401(K) investments. For long-term investing (and I assuming you're not retiring soon), TIME not TIMING wins all the time.
      Good Luck