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  • wsjjswwsjjsw wsjjswwsjjsw Mar 23, 2008 12:21 AM Flag


    I agree with you in principle, but the reckless way that Fed behaves recently is really scary, isn't it.

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    • It is. To inject so much money into the system is exceptional. Highly unorthodox for them to come in and broker/back a deal for a single company (BSC). These measures seem 'last resort', but if that is what is necessary than so be it. Again, I do believe the economy will get through this, but we are not there yet. Quite simply (in money terms), the Dow has not sold off enough yet (there is room on the downside).

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      • I don't know as much about the dow.

        But those are big companys right? Multi-national companys right? So they would actually benefit from the falling dollar.

        I know ... ya ya there is a credit crunch and residential real-estate was over priced.

        But if the dollar falls 10%, isn't that 10% greater proffits that Intel, GE, IBM, etc.. make from every country other than the US?

        If you're going to say the dow should be at X, have you actually looked at the earnings of the companys that it includes? Have you listened to their conference calls or done any kind of analysis at all?

        Or is it just oh we're all screwed and we know it so obviously the dow needs to go to 10,000 or 9,000 or pick a number however you pick it without actually looking at the buisness of the companys in the index...

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