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  • vincentroman Nov 1, 2008 2:50 PM Flag

    monday srs to $100 or $150

    place your bets,place your bets lol...neither price will suprise me....i hope it hits 150 so i can short this turd back down because short term it's going much lower..but $100 monday wont suprise me either since thats the 200 moving ave this point any bounce to the upside should be limited and all you long and wrongs out there forget about $200 for a while.more down side from here as this turd is a vix follower.take a look for yourself it looks identicle and no other ultra short chart looks like the vix as this one does.and seeing that the vix is begining to top over then guess which way this turd is vix is still pretty high which means it has a long way to fall lol.wonder if the srs follows at the same rate.that would mean this junk will be sub 60's if this mkt gets bullish, well time will tell.i hope you didnt buy this junk at $200 and im sure if you did you wouldnt admit ''long and wrongs'',they fall for it everytime.

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    • A slew of REIT's report this wk, and that should set the tone. Yes I know a few already
      have but most have not. I am currently out
      of SRS since 180 but hold a couple of the REIT's short...its essentially the same thing
      except that SRS moves twice as fast in either
      direction. I lost $$ the past few days but not nearly as bad as if I'd still been holding SRS.

      Also, many expect a selloff in all equities
      after the election. There are still some gapes to fill in the DOW at lower levels
      and I would not be surprised to see the 8600
      level (or lower) sometime this wk. As for SRS
      it would not surprise be to see 100, 150, or
      even 200 again soon but wherever it goes its
      sure to violently reverse course before long.

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      • vincentroman Nov 1, 2008 4:40 PM Flag

        8600 on the dow would put in a nice right shoulder area as the dow looks like it may be forming a reverse head and shoulder pattern,so im looking for a pull back.if that happens i look for this srs crap to hit about 150 ish and that would form a nice fat head and shoulder pattern inverse of what the dow is setting up.once that happens look out below on this turd for a while.whatever sell of we get on the dow will be followed by a nice rally even higher and longer than the one we got last week.and with the vix rolling over it looks like thats what this mkt is setting up to do in about a week or so.

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