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  • rusty_98070 rusty_98070 Apr 9, 2009 3:05 PM Flag

    Just sold for a serious loss

    You POS, you know the banks lied, you know Geithner lied. Wells Fargo?? Blew analysts away with their cheezeball accounting! Record freaking profits?????????????? BAC up 30%, but sezs it still will need more money??????????????? Quantitative easing???????????????/
    WTF do you mean "who lied? Smartass

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    • No, I am not a smart ass... if all you say is true then I am a dumb ass, because I didn't know they were lying at all.

      But, you knew the cheeseball accounting was coming, it was no secret. The banks had said they were extremely profitable last month, which is what turned the markets around at that time, now they are officially reporting those numbers. I don't see how that is lying. But, regardless, whether they lied or not, the market sentiment is positive, which doesn't bode well for SRS. I was told not to fight momentum.

    • I agree w/ you. These sleazeballs have too much control over the mkt. These earning reports are all just smoke and mirrors. It will all blow up come reporting time for 2nd quarter. It does not look good for SRS though as I presume that MS and will also report a good quarter sending the mkt to around 8,500. In any event SPG's earnings (May 1st) cannot come soon enough. I think SRS will have big movement upwards once SPG reports.

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