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  • lzymoney01 lzymoney01 Sep 3, 2009 7:04 PM Flag


    I think he is doing a good job of warning us, that SRS is a pos now, use to be good to me, but the economy is recovering regardless of how much dept we are getting into, Debt does not matter until it matters,

    so we will keep recovering until we cant pay our interest payments and bill collectors start calling us.

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    • The economy is not recovering. You are being brainwashed by CNBC shills and the know-nothing media.

    • tokyoshmoethecrocfullofshorts tokyoshmoethecrocfullofshorts Sep 3, 2009 7:28 PM Flag

      Recovering bullshit! Don't get a powerfull market rally hyped by CNBC and Obama's crew mixed up with the economy. Get the hell out and talk to real people and business people. No one, I repeat no one, sees this trumped up so called kakfka recovery. Every month unemployment and housing delinqiuencises continue to rise. What bleepin kind of recovery is that? AND, yes, the stock market had a powerfull rally after the 1929 crash because the shitheads in the press, just like now, are hyping recovery. Recovery my arse! AND you know your history of what happened after that 1929-1930 rally don't ya? Yep, yep -the market not only undid that entire powerfull rally and fully retested but went signficantly lower. Do you understand?

      So yes, this market has rallied and yes, it could rally further but do not confuse that with an economy that is stinking to high holly hell despite what the clowns trying to brainwash into the sheep's feeble brains otherwise.

      So market rallied today. So bloopin what? and tomorrow or the next day it could rally too or oen fo thsoe days the hseep may jsut wake up to horrific news and lock limit futures down that turn into a -25% 1987 crash like tsunami. AND then you will be posting it is too late to buy the ultra shorts and the next day and followign weeks we go yet lower. No, I don't have a crystal ball and neither do you but puhlease don't claim we are seeing an economic recovery. Recovery my arse! Rah rah RECOVERY! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!

      Let the futures rocket tomorrow and after the 8:30 data I suggets buyign the crap out of the ultra shorts and then selling them into market selloff. Gotta be nimble gotta be quick got to jump over all this BS! RECOVERY! It's BS!!

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