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  • con_law_misery con_law_misery Feb 16, 2010 4:03 PM Flag

    Franz- had single worst day ever because of DRV


    Can you even believe how much it dropped today? 9%. Good fucking god. I never thought I could lose so much money so fast.

    Got to try to keep fighting, but I need pretty much of a miracle to get out now.

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    • Nice try Franztasy... you're full of shit... we both know it... LMAO...

    • 1) Bought and sold SRS several times from the 24K amount.

      2) Never told ANYONE I was going to Cancun (look back at my have plenty of time for it). Was always going and went to Club Med Dominican for 7 days, another resort for the final 3.

      3) Was short BIDU and did cover a day or two before the rise...Bad call, but good timing on my part. Also shorted AMZN at the top and have been making good money ever since.

      4) I have to be honest with you DK, I really don't care much for people who milk the UI system, regardless of what they do. I have never taken a dollar of UI IN MY LIFE, and am very proud of it. I represent sloths all the time on their employment claims that also want to collect UI while doing other work or not even looking for work. When I find out this is going on, I dump them.

      5) You are a strain on the system...How long has it been now? Take some advice from a good old fashioned republican: Find a job...any job...and work on your resume at night. Use you lunchhour for whatever it takes...BUT FIND A JOB!!!

    • I'll never have to work as long as I have your trades to fade... that's been a very profitable investment... since you can't refute what I said with facts you need to change the subject... the posts that you wrote are there for anyone that wants to read them... stop rewriting history Franztasy... everyone knows you're full of sheet, the gig is up... LMAO...

    • Your post is so wrong with respect to so many points it doesn't even warrant a response DK. I always see you bitter when you are on the wrong side of a trade (which really turns out to be quite often), and all happy and nice to people when you call one of your small-lot, short term trades correctly (about as often as the old broken clock). Instead of day trading, try contributing to the economy a little bit. If you can't find a job like the one you were doing, find one that pays the bills at least so that I don't have to keep supporting you with my UI contributions. No wodner you love Obama so never have to work as long as he is President!!

    • Your revisionist history will follow you everywhere... per your own posts, which are in the archives says you owned 24K of SRS which you sold half at $7.05 and the rest at $7.40... so run along to Franztasy Island and make up more BS... the only trades you ever seem to make money on are the one's that you tell us about well after the fact... my favorite is your BIDU short, which you come on and tell everyone you covered right before it shot up $60 as you had a gut feeling... LOL, funny that post came after BIDU had already run up $60... LMAO, my guess is your entire story is made up... just like you went to Cancun over the holidays, and then sent messages with greetings from the Dominican... different places dumbazz, but I've been on to you for a longtime, the story teller Franztasy... who might work as an office boy for an attorney, or plays one on TV, but can't be one as attorneys can't play all day, post all night, and still ,have a viable business... bye Franzasty... LMAO...

    • Was averaged 20K at $10 and change...Sold my last load pf SRS at $8.70 (and DRV at $16.10 for a nice profit)....The SRS constitutes my loss. Made most of that back today being heavy in BCS and RBS. Will buy back into SRS and/or DRV shortly. Now enough questions DK and Easily.

    • He was averaged in 20k srs at $10.25 a few months back and he never sold when it hit the 6's. This guy is definitely a liar and needs to stick to his law practice....


    • franz,

      I have lost 22.4% of my portfolio on DRV, TZA, EDZ, and the like. How does this compare to your experience?

    • Jermaine, the operative term here is "made back." Still have a lingering loss from SRS and DRV on previous purchases, but it sure feels nice to be able to roll back into DRV after avoiding a 4 day fall from $16.60 to $13.60. Plus, I made nice money on the Euro bank play (especially BCS.) Will see how she trades tomorrow, and creep back in.

    • Another Franzasty... LMAO... I guess we all should come on and tell everyone what we did days after we did it?... then we can make up our own Franzasty... "the plane, the plane"... welcome to "Franzasty Island"... LMAO...

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