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  • igb3247 igb3247 Jun 8, 2011 4:41 AM Flag

    Over $2.00 within 10 days!

    Sincerely hope you are right...but why does this convince you soo much? I have read your numerous posts and they keep showing up that you target 2-3USD, sometimes even up to 6USD - but what is it that exactly makes you think this is going there? Maybe I am just missing something here

    Been in this stock for over 3 years now, before the split I had bought a chunk @ 0.60; 0.52; then after the split I bought at 4.00; 3.98; 3.95; and 3.44 - I lost loads of money just one month ago when I couldnt take it anylonger but I jumped back in last week and made $$$$$ on the run-up - I still hold some stocks at 1.77 but I fear this is too high so I am now looking for a bottom to lower my average...

    I would like you to clearly spell out - for the benefit of these 'bloggers' why you are so confident that this will run back up! Cheers