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  • harryjones_44 harryjones_44 Jan 13, 2012 7:27 PM Flag


    if you have any micro priced stock that can 10x i'm all ears :)

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    • My VRML seems to be heading back up and many on that board believe it's a 10 stock. I flipped it from 4-5 buys and sold around 7 bought back at 5,4, 3 flipped for a loss and bought back at 2 and loaded up 1.25 flipped that when it couldn't reach 2 and reloaded at 1.25 to 1 sold some but am still holding 5,000. It's in the 1.7's range and it might retrace back but we are hoping to remove the CEO so the PPS might keep heading up til then.
      Watch CFW which should delist next week. If it falls HARD I'll buy some for a flip. I flipped it twice.
      BPAX is looking good but I've only got a few thousand of those. TTNP is tempting but there are too many other plays for me to invest much there unless the PPS goes lower. DIMEQ is an interesting one dealing with the WaMu BK. Anything under .08 looks really good with what went down in court on the 11th. My favorite is FTWR for upside potiential. :-)

    • I'm not Grant and this is not exactly a "micro" priced stock but I definitely keep SCEI in my radar.
      Could pop anytime now (2x to 5x, possibly more) on company guidance update.