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  • isnides isnides Jan 21, 2012 2:18 PM Flag

    How did FTWR get their spectrum?

    "it doesn't appear that this frequency is heavily sought after!!??"

    How did you arrive at that conclusion??

    I was under the assumption that millimeter wave spectrum (FTWRs) is the future.

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    • The PPS!!! Not trying to be a smart @ss.....! I am all about educated gambling but honestly, I don't understand the academics of it... their spectrum! I've looked and looked and would love some confirmation that what they own has CONCRETE value. COMMON or COMMODITY value is what we're witnessing and their struggling with it themselves (obviously) from a "book or paper" stand point. Why the F...- can't somebody execute and make it spit out coins? It should be this difficult! Right?

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      • I'm thinking the PPS was more influenced by the decision to not make the 1.3 mill interest payment, along with not disclosing the 3Q. Per Stout Risius Ross (SRR), an industry leader, the valuation of the spectrum is just under 200 million that is what it is worth!! It must be a commodity with future suters!! There must be a market for it or it wouldn’t be worth 200 million clams!! Yes??? No???