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  • edwardb001 edwardb001 Jun 13, 2003 2:34 PM Flag

    Grammar #1

    Just to brush-up our bashing image, so new posters won't confuse us with the "pumper-dumpers", a frequent your and you're misnomer is commonly misunderstood today.

    The word your is a posessive pronoun and is used in conjunction with another noun such as "your house, your BS." This form should not be used in statements such as "your going". The correct word group is "you are" or the contraction "you're" such as "you're going."

    Now its your turn because you're going to give martha hell!

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    • Again with the freedom of speech. You're going to be hard pressed to find any evidence that I ever suggested, even in jest, that the grunting monkeys populating this board not be allowed their primitive utterances. It may get tiresome after a while, reading "MARTHA SUCKS MY BIG GIANT 50" WANG" and the rest of the drek on this board, but I'm all for letting 'em grunt away to their hearts' content.

      >>As for satan pal, try this to get him off your soul. In Jesus name, rebuke the devil.

      If your Jesus promulgates the kind of prepubescent garbage that fills up this board, I rebuke HIM. Good thing for all of us that he doesn't. You might want to pay a visit to you clergyman.

    • >>All mankind is sinful including you and me and that's why Jesus Christ came.

      If Jesus has an internet account and reads this board, he's going back to heaven STAT, and telling the Big Guy that it's time for the rapture, NOW.

      And guess what, mirthful capitulator? Very VERY few of the hatemongers on this board are making it past the pearly gates. Won't it be fun, roasting wieners and drinking MGD and slapping each other on the back about how smart youse all were, going to hell before MSO hit $30 and you all went bankrupt!

      If there is a hell below, it's populated with drooling neanderthals hunt 'n' pecking messages about MARTHA'S DOUCH <sic> BAG STINKING UP THE KITCHEN. Woo.

    • <<Ho ho ho, Moonie. If there's a Satan in Hell, he's not _waiting_ for the souls of the hatemongers on this board -- he's already got them. Lock, stock, and barrel.>>

      Oh I see, freedom of speech if it doesn't agree with you is hate. As for satan pal, try this to get him off your soul. In Jesus name, rebuke the devil.

    • <<PS. Satan is waiting for your Soul.

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 50702 by buyandsellandprofit>>

      Moonchild, problem is that satan already has his soul but keep preaching the truth and who knows. Jesus is the answer.

    • <<board and send it to the "porn" section of the Internet where it belongs. All the sickos in the country seem to post on this board 24 hours a day. They are no doubt the serial welfare recipients, wife-beaters, rapists and pedophiles of the world.(I'm sure my "strong buy" sentiment will drive them even crazier than they already are! LOLOLOL!)>>

      Not really.

      Stong Buy = A fool and their money are soon parted.

    • Trouble is, mirtocap, you religous wealthy little fart, you kan't spell; nor kan any of us.

      Brilliant my ass.

    • <<Oh, that's brilliant man! (Does anyone on this MSO board ever post anything worth reading, or is just a "Bash Martha Stewart" board for the uneducated & unemployed?>>

      Someday you will hopefully find out just how brilliant it is, before it's to late.

      It's not about bashing Martha, it's about being fed up with wallstreet crooks and lets make them accountable for their actions.

      As for people on this board being uneducated and unemployed, I have 3 degrees and am unemployed because I have become independtly wealthy and chose to do what I want, when I want. And for now, like to join in the cause to put wallstreet crooks behind bars.

    • >>Thank you, I was getting tired of doing battle with an unarmed fool!

      Snappy! <titter> I rest my case.

    • btw, Satan is waiting for your soul. You appear to be a willing donor. watch out for the holy water, it will burn you!

    • <It appears your thesis replies are too long and meandering

      Thank you, I was getting tired of doing battle with an unarmed fool!

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