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  • dadsal2 dadsal2 Feb 23, 2004 7:46 PM Flag

    Millions Guilty of Insider Trading

    Every day it takes place!!

    This case was and education to the public about discussions with the SEC and the FBI.

    Nobody warmed Mrtha Stewart that telling a strectched statement to the SEC or FBI could put you in jail for years.

    Defending yourself and saying you are not guilty, the prosection wants to take away from you this right under the constitution. Should we have the right to plead not guilty in order to get a trial.

    The federal judge has the duty to uphold the constitution.

    Every broker has the right to discuss his stock affair with his broker. The Prosecution is guessing that certain talks did not take place. What sort of evidence is that?

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      he's a fifteen year old homosexual think he's really going to fly somewhere and try to BEAT ME UP?!?!


      You bashboons keep getting stupider all the time.

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    • Didn't back down, Stinky Fingers. I'm still here, and I'm still going to snap that twink like a dry twig if I come across him. I'm just not getting on a plane and flying to East St. Louis to meet up with him.

    • i've made dozens of "proper responses", o great master of the diddle. and just like mistressofthemessageboard's attempts to explain a verbal stop loss order to DaisyTrader, they go RIGHT OVER YOUR HEAD.

      I'm done with the "proper responses". At this point, the only "proper response" is "you're a nitwit".

      You're a nitwit, DiddleDoktor.

    • Aw, shaddup. You're a nitwit.

      And learn how to spell your name.

    • >>You made the dare in post 68323 and he took
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      Go back and check your data, retard. Post 68323 is reproduced in its entirety below. In that post, I invited him to present evidence that his dick was not up his ass and out his mouth, and he was giving himself a blow job. We're all still waiting for that evidence.
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      Jeez, I already told you, Trevoonian. I'm too scared to respond! Will you leave me alone?

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    • You all are getting somewhat agitated. You must remain Short with the Torts.

      The only problem in covering will be to find an uptick in the $5 range. There will be plenty of shares to buy. I worry about how long it will take to tick up.

      PUBLISH THE EARNINGS ! Isn't that really what it's all about now?

    • Go back and check your data, retard.

      You're becoming quite annoying, you know that boy? I may snap YOU like a dry twig also.

    • Go back and check your data, retard. It's bad enough when you don't understand what *I* say, but when you can't even comprehend what your own bashboons say, you're *this close* to getting IGNOREd. You really are a waste of time.

    • >>Uh, except your buddy BSP keeps bringing up Merchant, which is even older and even less relevant.

      Uh, go back and check your data, retard. The ___ONLY___ time I ___EVER___ bring up M�chant of Prepuce is in connection with this ridiculous neverending saga of the airport lounge. Which YOU, Mr. I Can't Spell My Own Fricking Name, and your buds bring up so often I want to throw up.

      If you haven't figured this out by now, you're too stupid to live or are criminally dishonest. Highly likely that you're BOTH.

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