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  • uberzubie uberzubie Mar 9, 2004 11:23 AM Flag

    John Kerry = War Criminal

    By his own admission and testimony he and his fellows committed heinous atrocities on a daily basis.

    He earned a medal executing a vietnemese child by shooting him in the back. Read the official testimonies , just dont take my word.

    He continously put his men at risk to further his " future political career"

    Whatever you think of GW , he was not an admitted war criminal and murderer.


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    • The funny thing is all these absurd charges the Republicans are throwing around on this board (and on talk radio) are being ignored by a general public that has heard it too many times.

      It no longer has any oomph. It's clear that whatever is being said about Kerry (Hanoi John, etc.) would have been said, with slight variations, about whoever the Democratic candidate would have been. According to Republicans any Democratic candidate is a traitor, is dangerous to the country, blah blah blah.

      Because of the overkill *nobody cares anymore*!!!! There might accidentally be some truth somewhere that could come up and *nobody will care* because the Republicans overdid it.

      It worked against Clinton to an extent, because it was the first time. Now it's just assumed to be *partisan politics that would be used against anyone*. And ignored for that reason.

      So go ahead and rant. What you don't seem to understand is that you blew it. You overplayed your hand and now your favorite tactic is useless.


    • another armchair republican chickenhawk

    • Being a good mindless republican, I prefer to blame the French! and prefer to blame Kliton for the current state of the economy....and I'll keep my head in the sand if I want too..

    • You were about five years old during TET, what the hell do you know? Stop listening to CHICKENHAWKS like Rush and Hannity and think for yourself!

    • Aww gee, Stupid, I guess Vietnam was NOT started by JFK. Nice try though - you're a good little mindless Republican:

      Trapped by Success
      The Eisenhower Administration and Vietnam, 1953-61
      David L. Anderson
      ""Trapped By Success offers an engaging and thoughtful approach to Vietnam. It is the most thorough account available on the evolution of the U.S. commitment during the critical period after the French withdrawal. Based on systematic research in a wide range of archives, Anderson's study is destined to become the standard work on Eisenhower's Vietnam policy and, as such, an important contribution to our understanding of the history of U.S. involvement in Vietnam."
      �Gary R. Hess, Bowling Green State University
      The Eisenhower Administration developed and implemented policies in Southeast Asia that contributed directly to the massive American military involvement in Vietnam in the decade after Dwight Eisenhower left office. Working with the most recently declassified government records on U.S. policy in Vietnam in the 1950s, David L. Anderson asserts that the Eisenhower Administration was less successful in Vietnam than the revisionists suggests.Trapped By Success is the first systematic study of the entire eight years of the Eisenhower Administration's efforts to build a nation in South Vietnam in order to protect U.S. global interests. Proclaiming success, where, in fact, failure abounded, the Eisenhower Administration trapped itself and its successors into a commitment to the survival of its own frail creation in Indochina. The book is a chronicle of clandestine plots, bureaucratic fights, cultural and strategic mistakes, and missed opportunities.
      Anderson examines the politicla environments in Saigon and Washington that contributed to the deepening of American involvement. Contrary to other studies that highlight Eisenhower's restraint in preventing French collapse in Indochina in 1954,Trapped By Success shows how the administration publicly applauded South Veitnam's survival and growing stability, while it was actually producing an almost totally dependent regime that would ultimately consume billions of American dollars and thousands of American lives.

    • Which part? Kerry being a moron? or the French part?

    • What a crock of shit !

    • Kerry is a moron.

      You think the economy stinks now, wait until Kerry erects trade barriers and turns America into a protectionist France-clone.

      Outsourcing is hard but get over it and compete or your decline will begin.

    • Blame the French for Viet Nam...JFK just tried to cover their ass...Don't get me started on the French. Kerry provide assistance to the enemy and should be prevented from running for office. He is not going to get my vote.

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