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  • hthomabc hthomabc Jun 24, 2004 7:17 PM Flag


    That a short stop at an airport and selling a piddly about of her portfolio on the advice of her broker can enbroil Martha in a nightmare of charges by this great country of America. This supposedly could happen only in a country like Iraq under Saddam Husein. This country is going down the drain and is building up the reputation of being the most tyranical nation in the world.

    The founders of this country are turning over in their graves.

    We need another Thomnas Jefferson to reestablish the Constitution to this land.


    PS: And then we have vermin like Edward001 gloating over the prospects of feasting on her remains along with the other vultures on this network.

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    • It was almost 'before my time' as it were... I remember it, but wasn't much interested in politics at that age. I think the nation had 'normalized' relations between the dem's and repub's but lately it's the issues in the middle that are losing in this devicive tug-o-war. United We Stand doesn't appear to have much meaning anymore. Wasn't there a US congresswoman the other day calling for UN audits on our upcoming vote? Sheez. Where will this end?


    • naz, Do you remember Nixon/Watergate? The endless, grinding response destroyed the man and diminished the office. Clinton- and the reaction- just about finished the job (tragic).

    • Agreed. I sense the change happened during Lewinsky-gate. The nation has been hyper-polarized ever since.


    • Naz,

      Cry me a river! My God... GET OVER IT ALREADY!!

      Why do you find it so hard to understand that DUMBO lied!!!

      Should the federal Investigators not have interviewed Dumbo just because she is a celebrity?

      Unless you say yes to that question (in which case you are truly F'd up), bottom line is she lied, was convicted for lying, and is now going to jail!

      DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!

    • naz- you say "I'll never view the media the same after this.. not that I didn't have my suspcions before.. but this really clinches the deal for me. Lies through inclusion, and lies through ommision. Lies nonetheless."
      This most bitterly polarized political season didn't raise your awareness of gross media bias? This will be counterproductive for them in the long term- no credibility, no influence, no audience.

    • Agreed. Thankfully the internet has leveled the playing field tremendously. The major networks should be worried that consumers will ultimately cut them out of the loop if their lies become more publicly known. Access to 'Findlaw', reading court transcripts, and case facts changed my mind about the case. Had that avenue of education (and the intelligent posts on this message board telling me where to find this info) not been available I'd probably have a misinformed understanding of the case. Most still don't know that she had already exited most of her position in IMCL which tremendously mitigates the ad-nauseum claim of 'suspicious timing'. The fact that the media doesn't bother with pointing out that she's not been charged with insider trading, and that she'd already sold most of her stock by the time she sold her remaining position is beyond suspicious. It's borderline criminal IMHO. I guess the story has greater Leno/Letterman 'comedy material' value than it does in terms of bringing facts to the people. I'll never view the media the same after this.. not that I didn't have my suspcions before.. but this really clinches the deal for me. Lies through inclusion, and lies through ommision. Lies nonetheless.


    • Right, and I meet people ignorant of the issues. My dentist for example, I don't think understands. And he is very busy and probably doesn't pay attention to all the details.

      And of course the 'MEDIA' didn't help. Boy, their going to hate me. But the media, like Hollywood, and Detroit have a monopoly. Well with the internet, the news media has come down a step, like the auto companies did with foreign cars.

      But my point is that the media, never went into detail to the public about lying about no crime. They probably figured it was more complex than most people want to deal with. It's easier to show a rich woman, selling her stock, and news on the stock coming out the next day.

      My dad was on 20/20 25 years ago on a topic. They filmed him and another man perhaps for 30 minutes. They whittled his footage down to less than 30 seconds. They took scenes taken later and spliced them in with scenes taken earlier. It's quite amazing what you can do with gadgetry. They also have you answer questions, and then later they ask the questions to fit.
      Nothing wrong perhaps with what they do, but the power they have is almost as much as the government has.

    • Understood and agreed. Some of these clowns were just airing their sexual perversions though. I learned a lot when a friend came to town for a visit and when I mentioned the MS case she launched into a 'fry Martha' diatribe that I'll never forget. I asked why she felt she should be convicted/sentenced, and like the others on this board it was all about her personality and nothing to do with the case. I found that very disturbing and still do. Our country has some real issues these days.
      BTW, my great uncle Henry passed on at 97 and was sharp as a tack up til the day of departure. I doubt I'll be so lucky since I'm burning the candle at both ends! ;-) Anyway, take care and thanks for caring!


    • Actually I believe I may have got to one of the bashers, but I'm not mentioning who.

      But as you may have heard many educators say that if they have helped one person learn then maybe its worth it. Sounds awfully expensive, but I didn't spend a dime here trying to help. Well maybe a dime or two of electricity when the fans of the laptop or desktop start spinning.

      Good Night. I'm old, well I don't really think I am. Cause if I live to be Bob Hope's age or Jimmy Durante I'm only half way there.

      And my wife and I visited a good friend of hers in Missouri last April. Her friend's mother was staying with her, and she was a young 104. She shook my hand, and she understood what I said. She was watching her favorite daytime show. It was Bob Barker and I think and old Price is Right or something.

    • Exactly, Dio. I believe the original quote was '..lots of good people have gone to prison.. look at Nelson Mandela'. That's not the same as saying "I'm like Mandela", or "I'm Mandela". Her point was that innocent people have been convicted and sent to prison. Convictions do get overturned. And 100% agree with your point that the charge was unique in the 1st place. Agree with the bashers that lying to fed's isn't good (although in this case it wasn't even documented properly), but according to the case facts Parker had posted the only circuit which disregards the materiality is Cederbaum's 9th. Laws can and should be changed when problems are found. In this case it's obvious a problem exists and the 9th circuit needs to get in step with the rest of the nation's courts. Good hearing from you.


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