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  • mci_denofthieves mci_denofthieves Jul 17, 2004 2:38 AM Flag


    This information just might save Martha Stewart. When elements of MCI and its creditors conspired with Judge Arthur J. Gonzalez and the Bush administration to defraud the MCI/WorldCom shareholders out of sixty billion dollars in debt-free equity by giving Bernard Ebbers just enough credit rope to hang himself and his shareholders, Gonzalez, following the pseudo bankruptcy, announced that he was giving the creditors illegal insider trading rights. He said that he was doing this so that the creditors would not have to "operate at a disadvantage." In other words, a federal judge apparently has the power to engage in obstruction of justice by granting immunity in advance for the very crime that Martha is being accused of. The fact is that Martha Stewart is playing the scapegoat for a much larger criminal conspiracy at MCI. Moreover, MCI, which takes in 600 million a week and 2 billion in yearly profit from a 65-country communications empire, has admitted to fraud. Moreover, its chief creditor, Citibank, has been fined over 2 billion dollars. Former Attorney General William Barr has testified that the MCI bankruptcy is invalid and illegal under both federal and state criminal statutes and that MCI is a "criminal organization" that is actually using bankruptcy "for laundering stolen goods." Yet Judge Gonzalez and MCI's co-conspirator creditors will not be sharing a cell block with Martha Stewart, despite the magnitude of their crimes. Indeed, President Bush has awarded MCI a non-competitive contract in Iraq. The only fair solution for MCI/WorldCom shareholders is to reinstate their 2.96 billion shares, whole and intact, in 50% ownership of the "new" MCI whose creditors now find themselves earning $2 for every $1 loaned to Ebbers and the Shareholders. Worse, these co-conspirator creditors, are now sucking up the 600 million in weekly revenue that legally belongs to the shareholders, and they have, under a false bankruptcy, actually expanded by buying out DIGX. Given these facts, Martha Stewart must claim discrimination. Truly, she is being singled out, not because she is rich, but because, unlike MCI, she is not the voice of the Pentagon and the Bush administration's "Homeland Security." I hope that someone on this board will forward this message to Martha. If Judge Gonzalez and the present leadership at MCI and Citibank are not going to prison, it would hardly be justice to close the cell door on Martha Stewart.

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