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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Jan 28, 2013 7:57 AM Flag

    Another day, same old love/hate fiction

    Who exactly are you trying to impress and what do you think you accomplish by posting your usual fiction?

    Your lying doesn't change reality.

    I had to really LOL at your inclusion of AIS (now ATRS) and that a brief downward movement cost me money. That stock doubled during 2012 and I still have the position. NCT doubled.

    The main point is that you aren't even fooling yourself. As you know, ENTR was a significant winner for me, a mix of winning and losing trades that netted me in the high four figures (that's thousands pinhead)
    You keep making a fool of yourself with your fiction writing and I'll keep throwing your own words in your face.

    "MSO is a $10 stock disguised as a $4 stock" Oh look, love/hate/zeke/guy, it changed its disguise to a $2.66 stock

    "MSO is going to $6 and there's nothing sandy can do about it" LMAO

    MSO, MPG, COOL And JCP - the ultimate loser's portfolio!