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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Jan 30, 2013 8:30 AM Flag

    LOL, the pervert can't sleep again

    Posting at midnight and posting before 5 AM. The poor pathetic degenerate must realize that February is the month his MSO position comes crashing down under $2.

    What gave you the clue little girl, JCP declining to use Martha's name on a whole bunch of products?

    LMAO at your inarticulteness. You are copying lines from mso_shorter now in your lame attempts at insults.

    Still obsessed with your fantasy about servicing people at a drive-thru window I see. Now which fast food restaurant do you work the night shift at?

    How come you dropped your "linda" ID little girl? How come you dropped your transvestite "Chazz Bono" ID?

    Too bad you're losing sleep again creep. You should have stayed away from the stock market. MSO, MPG, COOL and JCP, what a portfolio! Four out of four losers. You would have done better throwing darts at the Wall Street Journal stock pages, or using a trained monkey to point at four stocks. Probability says you would have had at least two winners.

    I have to say that your stock picking displays a rare capability that you have - the ability to pick four out of four losers while the Obama market saw the DJIA go from 6500 to now almost 14,000! Good job!

    Thaks for the laughs creep!

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