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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Feb 1, 2013 7:37 AM Flag

    LOL @ the pervert

    The pervert is all atwitter. If it hits $3 the board betch will only be down $5 a share!

    Hey love/hate/zeke/guy, MSO is actually going to cost me some money now. I have to pony up and pay capital gains tax on the money I took from you with my put contracts.


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      "Oh Romeo Oh Romeo, this sissy pervert is all atwitter! Seeing Big Ron's rod tonight has made his 'Lil Betch Sandy's vienna sausage all aflutter!

      Hey, I'm sandyclaws99/clawsmeister/jonathan.loewer/mso_shorter/cranberryboy, MSO is actually going to cost me some money again! After losing $20K last year, now with MSO nearing $3, I'm 100% out-of-the-money again, doh! I have to pony up and repay my mom somehow...maybe i can go to gym and get on knees and bring my KY (and prep. H!) and earn a few dollars that way...

      MSO, CROX, CSTR, ENTR, AIS, AEO And FB - ROTFLMAO me, doh!!!"

      Sentiment: Strong Buy