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  • jonathan.loewer jonathan.loewer Feb 5, 2013 4:15 PM Flag

    I Made $27 on a Quck Flip

    I flipped a few shares quickly on a daytrade (and posted the buy and sell as I made them), and the guy who's been bullish on this stock as it has crashed 70% wasn't impressed because "it's just $27" to him. Well, it's like the old Scottish Proverb, "if you can't appreciate a penny, you don't deserve a dollar." That's why the guy who's bullish on this stock has been on this board has been here for 3 years, and he will be here for 3 years more.

    But, everyone on this board knows I am more an investor than a daytrader. I recommended TEX in 2011 in the low teens: it's $32 now. I recommended AEO over a year ago at $10-12.00; it peaked at $24.00 two months ago, plus it's 4.2% dividend and special dividends. I recomended PETS 15 months ago under $10, when it's dividend was at 6.2% at that price, and now it is $13.30, and there was a special dividend on top of that impressive regular dividend. I recomended LL on this board at $14.75, and now it peaked at a 52-week high of $55.00 per share a year-and-a-half later. That's almost a 300% gain!... I regret selling so soon, and taking a small gain only. JVA and WWE are still paying their 3.4% and 5.8% dividend yields. I could go on, but everybody on this board gets it, and they've seen my bullish and bearish calls.

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    • What love/hate engages in is called "passive aggression." He will prepare a post full of lies - which he knows are lies - just to get you to respond. That's why I don't respond.

      I have a paper trail and you have a paper trail and we have each made money from tips we exchanged.

      love/hate has a paper trail too, and he has never recommended a winner. Ifd he had, I would give him credit.

      MSO, MPG, COOL, JCP - a string of losers.

      You'll never get him to act like a man. He doesn't have it in him.

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        "What Sandyclaws_99/Jonathan.loewer/Clawsmeister engages in is called "passive aggression." I will prepare posts full of lies - which I know are lies - just to get my alpha males to respond to. But, my big men are cool and tough, they don't respond to my sissy garbage.

        After Meta Peace does me good, and I use my Preparation H, and then when I use the john, i leave a toilet paper trail hanging from my behind.

        MSO, ENTR, AIS, AEO, CROX, CSTR, FB - a string of losers.

        You'll never get me to act like a man. I've made my decision to become a woman, I write long, boring posts of baloney because of my feminine emotional needs to communicate. I lost so much money on MSO last year though, I can't get the breast augmentation surgery yet. But I have hope!"

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Those were my bullish recommendations. Let's not forget that I recommended shorting MMYT at $17.00 per share, and it fell all the way below $12.00, or that I said "Short EGLE to the courthouse steps! Don't cover your short until it files for bankruptcy at the courthouse steps." That stock had fallen all the way below a buck and did a 5-for-1 reverse split and has fallen all the way back to just over a buck. It's still unprofitable, and over $2 Billion dollars in debt, and the interest rate on that debt is about to go up. I'd recommending covering the short just because shorting sub-one-dollar stocks is dangerous, but I can't see any way they aren't going BK.