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  • clawsmeister clawsmeister Feb 12, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    Sandy..Look at this!

    Oh wow, love/hate, how mature.

    You do realize that everybody on the board just laughs at your pathetic, creepy, filthy posts. They carry as much weight as your posts about MSO - "a $10 stock disguised as a $4 stock," or "MSO is going to $6 and there's nothing that sandy can do about it."

    Just because you dream something up in your sick mind and post it doesn't make it mean anything pervert. Even a creep as dense as you should get that.

    Has MSO hit $3 yet? BWA HA HA HA

    You have been reduced to a child throwing a tantrum repeating the same sick filth over and over again, and nobody cares! You're not shocking the adults little girlie man, you're just disgusting them.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell