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  • jonathan.loewer jonathan.loewer Feb 28, 2013 8:03 PM Flag

    Congrats Sandy!

    Hey Sandy, great going on your JCP and MSO puts. Well done!

    It's funny, a couple days ago the Bull who's always on this message board--but never has anything intelligent to add--was so happy, and taking so many swipes at you, and now he's disappeared.

    Just like Yoggi Berra said "It's de jevu all over again." You'd think he'd learn to stop being on the other side of a trade than you, but you just keep taking his money... and his self respect.

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    • I am seriously looking at HLF. Bill Ackman has a big (losing) position in JCP. He is also heavily short with HLF. Carl Ichan has taken a significant position in HLF and is getting two board seats. With Bill Ackman over extended, something has to give. If Icahn orchestrates an HLF short squeeze, Ackman has to dump JCP shares to finance any further shorting of HLF. He then takes a big hit on his JCP. I am betting he folds his HLFshort position rather than fight Icahn.

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      • It looks like that one's going nicely as well. Congrats again!

        Anyway, Love/Hate will never admit it, because he let his emotions get the best of him, rather than his better judgement. However, if he would have listened to you and got into NCT or SFI, or listened to me and got into AEO near its 18-month low (when its dividend was 4.4% and before its special dividend), or TEX, or EA below $12, LL below $15 (look at its chart since then!), PETS below $10 (which equates to a 6.3% dividend), he'd be a lot better off and would not have to come around this board anymore.

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        Sandy: “I am seriously looking at HLFW, acronym for Ho’s Looking For Work. Big black men seem to have a big (KY Jelly necessitating) pole position in my tight “JCP” (my personal code language for my #$%$ hole). Meta Peace is also heavily insisting that I join HLFW.
        Carl Lewis has taken a significant top position in me, his HLFW little betch, and he is getting two broads because I have 2 wigs one blonde and one a redhead. With these big black men over extending my #$%$, something has to give, so I have my Preparation always on hand! If I can orchestrate an HLFW short squeeze, i.e. getting rid of the better looking cross-dressers, then the black men will have to dump them, and they will fill my tight “JCP” to the hilt. “

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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