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  • jonathan.loewer jonathan.loewer Mar 12, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    EA vs. COOL: My Recommendation from Last Summer

    I first mentioned EA on this board when it was below $12, and now it just hit $19 yesterday as news got out that EA's website was overloaded by all the traffic trying to buy the new 'Sims' game that was just released, and EA put out a statement that they dealt with the server issue from the traffic overload. Excitement for the new Madden, NCAA Football, as well as their movement to mobile is growing too.

    If any of you rode that train even part of the way, congrats to you. By the way, I stated on this board that I liked EA at $11+, and did not like COOL at just under $2. Now EA is $19, and COOL is 60 cents.

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    • The post incurred seven thumbs down. Why? That makes no sense; the statements in that post were exactly right, as we now have hindsight which proves the original statements to be correct. EA did run up 70% and COOL did in fact fall 75% over the same period. Clearly, someone is reacting with his heart and not his head, which an objective investor should never do.