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  • remmysandoval remmysandoval May 4, 2013 6:09 PM Flag

    JCP Rising

    Bodes well for MSO as well.
    By the way, Claw-biter, how is your $38 FB working out for you?
    Tell me, which number is bigger?

    a) $38
    b) $19


    Sentiment: Buy

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    • remmy, I know you are brain dead and love to repeat what you hear. I hate to repeat myself, but I will for you.

      When you bought JCP at $42, you would have saved yourself a lot of money by using a stop loss. That's what I did with FB. Now if you want to play the passive aggressive liar, have at it. If you want to look at the record, go back and look at my posts. I took a 3% loss on FB

      I go back and look at your posts, so in addition to knowing you bought JCP At $42, I know you are on record as buying MSO at $4 right before it went into a free fall. Are you stupid enough to still be in it or did you take a loss? How much was your loss bozo?

      Instead of coming on here and acting like a demented parrot and complete moron, why don't you look up my posts. I documented every move with MSO puts, JCP puts and M calls.

      Have a good day Mr. $42 JCP, or do you prefer Mr. $4 MSO? Of course that's better than the board pervert whose own posts show him in at $8. Go look up some posts and get your facts straight. You won't look like such a huge #$%$br />

      BTW, what really bugs penny ante losers like you is that you don't have the "juice" to get in on IPOs like I do.

      Again, your assignment for the day is to write out the term "stop loss" fifty times Use one the next time you are stupid enough to buy a dog like JCP at $42 or MSO at $4 "bro"