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  • hairy.asho hairy.asho May 8, 2013 2:03 AM Flag

    Sandy's surprise for his Mom!


    Tranny ho's Mom came home and found the Tran getting her butt crack plowed by all the Alpha Males at the Sausage Party in her Mom's trailer ! Surprise for her but not for us! WBRRRRRLOLMFAO!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Oh wow, 2AM and 'lovemakingmoney" uses one of his most childish and perverted IDs to post his usual filth that reflects the cesspool that is his mind laying out all his psychological issues; sexual identity issues, a seriously unresolved Oedipus complex; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. But funniest of all his belief that if he types the most ridiculous thing that comes into his head and posts it on Yahoo it magically becomes credible.

      As I have said lovemekingmoney, your attempts to project your mental illness, perversions and degenerate nature on to me wit these childish posts has as much credibility as your statements that MSO was going to $6 and there was nothing I could do about it or that MSO is a $10 stock in disguise.

      Did MSO go to $6 because you said it would?

      Is MSO a $10 stock?

      All that you really know about me from my posts are that I run rings around you when it comes to picking stocks and that I have consistently made money with MSO puts while you are nearly $5.50 a share in the hole with your latest position (let's not forget all you lost on those out-of-the money MSO calls). Of course let's not forget how much you are losing on MPG and COOL.

      You on the other and with your "disguise" IDs, childish filthy posts and your inability to sleep through the night have opened up your sick mind for all of the board to see. Your choices of insults to hurl blindly speak volumes about your mental illness lovemakingmoney.

      Too bad you couldn't sleep last night and your OCD drove you to post that childish filth. Can't get those images of your mother out of your mind can you. You need to get competent psychological help lovemakingmoney. I am sure that when the court rules on Macy's case, the strain on you will be worse. Even you will realize how stupid you "strong buy" ratings are.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell