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  • prrcnthms prrcnthms Jan 27, 2009 11:13 AM Flag

    food borne illnesses

    every day we hear of contamination of our food stuff. why isnt there a call for the technology of vifl. is it the process that turns people off. why doesnt the company sell the process to the public, i am sure the food companies would love to save millions in recalls. where is the hang up.

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    • also this is so illiquid that is does not cater to the notorious MADDOF scumsuckers as they all are.. not worth it .. how else to milk mad $$$ .. mgt here sucks the big one.. shame on them !

    • they are braindead when comes to pr.. yet for some damn reason they are a public company and must pay the exchange fees in order to be public.. sec fees quarterly etc... yet the f^ckheads never release ANY pr in times of national food scares.. WHY? are they that DUMB? .. when you have a story such as the peanut butter now or the spinach and beef last summer ,,, as a PUBLIC company looking to increase shareholder value wouldnt YOU be on the ball with a follow-up pr stating what WE can do? these guys are idiots.. i regret ever buying.. stuck here huge .. let me guess , if goes private they will find a way to screw us then as well.. HEY! whats up with the online trading restrictions??????????? still in effect.. maybe part of the scam? .. hmm. maybe should buy more then

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      • I'm so glad the online trading companies are protecting us from UPWARD manipulation of stock like VIFL! Especially in this BULL market! The irrational exuberance of VIFL stock is something to behold! I think a bull market bubble of VIFL is forming!


        If the online brokers were truly trying to "protect us" they should restrict SELLING, SHORTING and NAKED SHORTING of VIFL shares.

        As it is they only restrict the buying of VIFL.

        The brokers will not give you an honest reason why they restrict the buying of VIFL. They do not tell you when it will end.

        This restriction then serves to accelerate the SELLS of VIFL, due to frustration.

        We don't have a SEC anymore, so it's the wild west, especially in penny stock land.

        Selling accelerates after every positive earnings announcement...Selling accelerates after every food scare.

        And they still restrict the BUYS.

        Up is down and black is white.