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  • black.dave52 black.dave52 Mar 1, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

    i will say one more time and its the last time

    said this before .. 2 things may be going on here .. either mgt is such a bunch of lazy unmotivated pigs OR they are in radio silence as part of deal/request by FA for both of their interests .. I could understand the 2nd theory and live with it .. but whos to know if the stock is lifeless for the first reason ? how ? theres no way to know just speculate .. out of disappointment in general i'd love if the mgt get out of dodge and go live in assisted living momoville in one of the 1000s of nursing home communities trailer parks for the golden age in fla ...

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    • I think you have a combo of both, IMO. Anytime this thing spikes back up, I'd sell it (I haven't owned it in over a year). Anyways, I wanted to drop in and see what you think of the FONR news. I like it, unless they plan on doing a secondary and diluting the heck out of the stock. What do you think? I'm holding tight. My KKD's been en fuego (what hasn't?). Like CAMP near $10.50, hopped on a ton of AFFY around $2.50 (got lucky) and want some SNDK under $50. Keep in touch....

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    • It's a key consideration and maybe the only question that matters re: what is or is not the relationship between VIFL and its management and Fort Ashford. I think aside from the negotiated stock sale between them, you have to assume it is arms length and nothing more. That does not mean FA does not have a clearly defined agenda. I do not think you can ever expect the gain any knowledge of any relationship, if it even exists, nor FA's ultimate agenda until after the fact. It is frustrating because they really constitute most of the "high" volume days in the stock and own about 30% of the company.

    • harsh mkt performance deserves harsh criticism ... stock performance is a joke in this raging mkt ... i'd bet heavy if major food outbreak with dozens or 100s of deaths this thing still wouldn't rally on news ... smells like a dead bluefish stinking up the beach on a hot day ... the value is for sure here but the cat n mouse game gone on too long

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