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  • black.dave52 black.dave52 Apr 11, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    if i was in charge here i'd atleast throw some bones to the street

    what in the world is the reason not to promote this stock even at the bare minimum?? theres a line in the sand drawn between putting out fluff prs on junk stocks with poor fundamentals and broadcasting something worthy .. most of the stocks in the overall mkt are pr machines/Ponzi nature promos/wall street #$%$ houses pimping the inventory all the way to mega cap securities ... VIFL is the inverse and may I say worse than the shameless fluff pr stocks of swarms like locusts by NOT putting in any effort to let the street know this exists ... everyone entitled to their own opinion but to me this stinks like organized pre-arranged "you scratch my back i'll scratch yours " conspiracy .... one hand washes the other .. so are those hands mgt+FA? and we are the pawns?

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    • ii keep cool head but dang it really breaks my b@lls sometimes when I see irrational mkt caps and blatant fluff prs of old news or tricky worded pr on 100s of junk stocks just to get the guppies to bite and the chart to pop .. and these dogs just sit quiet in the biggest bull mkt since 99-00 ... wonderfull

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      • I believe there will be some bones thrown to shareholders, ultimately. That is JMHO. I'm guessing it will be at just enough of a premium to the adjusted pre-split price level of the stock to get shareholders to walk away and avoid the risk of any further payment from class acton litigation. So I think shareholders come out winners in the long run. But there will be an even bigger class of winners, much bigger, and you can guess who they will be. Who benefits the most from the near total silence on this company's forward prospects, industry outlook, strategic game plan, potential use of free cash flow, etc.? Obviously there is a reason it is being kept on the down low. The last thing this company wants to see is 50,000 to 100,000 shares traded daily. they are just fine w/daily volume at 500 to 5,000 shares.