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  • sirius_squeeze sirius_squeeze Mar 17, 2012 2:01 PM Flag


    Looks like a smart business plan, eh? SiriusXM is ready for a rollout! Buy SIRI and thank me later if you choose.


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    • wake-up, no one is thanking you, your in a dead end stock (SIRI), make a penny or two? On OPEX you went down. BTW nice float...grow up, no on cares about SIRI, as the board will vote against MEL. but I could care less.

      You have to spread your worthless points of view, which is time consuming. I lost on "P" but moved forward and made it back on CLWR, and more.

      Your married to your stock....stock 101...but then again you have a lot of answers.

      Been doing this over 20 much attention from SIRI posters...what are you afraid, move on. Check my (MSG.) other alias is: ibepassinthru.

      I make business to make money...wish everybody the best, but the juvinile bs is stupid.


    • OMG - You have bashed "P" since Jan 12, remember this post? 1020 posts from 1/ that 400 posts per month, you have to love the source....I guess you have only one holding (SIRI), and BTW u should vote for MITT...he wants to do away with Capital gains....Here is your post 1200 msgs., back.

      Should have purchased XM back in the day instead of the dead fish (Clear Channel). Now his peeps are neck deep in Pandora stench while old media continues to die a slow painful death...

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