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  • flyingstrat5 flyingstrat5 Mar 8, 2012 12:45 PM Flag

    What are the odds P will be bought now?

    I'm thinking it's looking very attractive with the stock at this level. Perhaps even NFLX will be interested, or amazon, some other big media?

    word to the wise: I'm waiting for the inevitable bashing by the financial media outlets like motley fool, etc to give me a much better entry point before I even think of starting a position here.

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    • NO ONE with smart money would buy this pig at a PPS over $5.00. With all of the bottom line loss, competition, outstanding float, insider selling, dropped advertising, ambiguity in the future of mobile advertising and a host of uncertainty for the actual EXISTENCE of this company in the next 2 years; any company would have to see a 60%-70% haircut on it's current price to make it an attractive purchase.

      $5.00 or less is where this equity is heading over the next 6 months.....might be a good long term buy at that level (but I won't be putting any of my money on it).

      Overall- This is one to stay away from until at least 2014, or forever.

    • When Facebook makes its IPO and raises a ridiculous amount of money, what do you think they might buy? Perhaps they would like to add over 47 million active listeners to their own Internet Radio?

      Actually, I hope Pandora is not bought out, it has long legs and will run far on its own.

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