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  • qaqawsws1234 qaqawsws1234 Dec 4, 2012 5:47 PM Flag



    "Gut royalties that musicians rely upon"? Well, if Pandora goes under, then they get NOTHING. What a bunch of dummies.

    Let's face it, many of these musicians don't know SQUAT about business, which is why half of them have been swindled by managers/bookeepers, etc. They know music. What they say about what's fair regarding streaming audio is meaningless.

    Nobody with an ounce of sense can rationalize that Pandora is taking advantage, while they pay more royalties than any other radio company in the U.S. and more than the total paid by all the radio companies in any one country outside the U.S

    Over-the-air radio pays almost NOTHING compared to Pandora. Why? Because artists recognized the value in having radio promote their product. Pandora is no different than those radio companies, so why the radically higher fees? It makes no sense, and as long as congress isn't swayed by celebrity, they'll do what makes sense and equalize the fees, no matter the medium.

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