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  • benben4paws benben4paws Nov 30, 2012 10:04 AM Flag

    Internet Radio Fairness Coalition (8 new members)

    If terrestrial radio was paying the same rate as Pandora it would add over 4 billion annually in royalty payments to musicians. This was testified before Congress at the hearing this past Wed.. Did you listen ? Do you understand ? Your logic of zero royalty payments from terrestrial radio makes no sense. Your outrage should be directed at Terrestrial radio and all over the air radio broadcasters, they've paid musicians nothing for the last 100 years and your O.K. with getting nothing from them for the next 100 years. Pandora is your friend and will help all musicians make more money. Musicians will have a say in the drafting of this proposed legislation so all parties make a fair share..

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    • So you are not a musician but you understand better than I do? Radio was never the main source of income for musicians. It s the sales it generated. Pandora kills that.

      I have been at this for thirty years. I have many multi-platinum albums and many radio hits to my credit. The company that you own stock in is trying to decimate my living.

      "The truth is that Pandora’s dishonest proposal would be devastating to music creators. And, while Pandora’s misleading campaign claims that Pandora is suffering under the current, fair system of compensation, nothing could be further from the truth. Pandora is expected to clear $600 million in revenues next year under the current system, and has seen year to year revenue growth that would be the envy of many businesses and families in this time of slow economic growth."

      Maybe you should let me decide what is best for you and your business? You obviously don't understand what is best for you, right?

    • I have made a living off of my music for over thirty years. I understand where my income comes from. Go tell some Indians how being moved to reservations was really good for them. You weren't the one affected.

      Pandora kills music sales.

    • "over the air radio broadcasters" do not kill music sales. They raise music sales.

      I have had number one radio hits, have you? You really want to tell me that I don't know what is good for me? You are trying to put me on the reservation.

    • if you continue to get Zero royalty payment from Terrestrial radio you'll be living on the Indian reservation soon if not already. Just think of all the royalty payments you could have gotten the past 30 years from Terrestrial radio ! I guess if your O.K. with this there really isn't any point in trying to educate you now. You musicians have been dormant for the last 50 years.. You've been robbed blind and you still don't get it.

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