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  • qaqawsws1234 qaqawsws1234 Dec 4, 2012 11:27 PM Flag

    Sudden AH drop: EXPLAIN

    Pandora was trading at around $9.45 at 4:00 PM. As soon as the AH price popped up, which was less than a minute after close, the first price you see is $7.38. A sudden and immediate drop of almost 22%,

    HOW did that happen? Obviously the general public was not privy to info that was immediately cashed in on by those holding a lot of shares.

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    • You were warned by me and numerous others around here that this stock is a dog and NOT good for a long-term investment. But you dismissed everyone with an opposing viewpoint as a short and thought you were smarter than the street. Do you even look at metrics? Charts? Trends? Financials? They all tell the story. You're just skimming through for the pictures and not reading the words printed on the page.

    • jondow69 Dec 5, 2012 1:20 AM Flag

      hey 1234, welcome to wall st. here's the deal! 80% of all the action happens pre/after market, the retail dopes get the scraps! the wall st, crooks have algo reading computers as soon as the news hits, in mini seconds, the computers react1 in this day and age, very dangerous to hold a stock when earning are announced, if they disappoit, wammo, the algo.s can dump shares, blow out stops and scared people, and rebuy in! as a retail sap your along for the ride.
      the reason they don't announce earnings during the day? easy, because it would level the playing field! thats why most earnings are pre/after market, so the wall st, crooks can manipulate behind the scenes, where no one watches them
      notice cnbc/bloomberg never talk about whats going on pre/after market? like really who controls the futures? a few guys manipulating the action! ita all a scam, a racket, inside info, algo machines, again, your along for th e ride, jmo and g/l.

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