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  • siriterminator siriterminator Dec 18, 2012 1:17 PM Flag


    I would not be surprised if a Pandora buy-out is announced before the end of the year.

    Stay tuned...

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    • Everyone needs/wants Pandora for the music. The mobile ad revenue and data collection for ad sales metrics are icing on the cake. Dont forget, Pandora has the Genome = $$$

    • Google. Google needs to counter Apple, Microsoft and Amazon in music. Pandora is the quickest and easiest way to put Google at forefront of streaming content. Android already dominates with search and....well....maps....LOL re: Apple.

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    • Not until the MM's and shorts drag it under 7 or 6, or maybe 5.

      No way P gets bought out on an upswing. You don't have to study this one for long to know that when it goes UP, it eventually crashes back down, especially as of late. Such is the case with these type volatile, high-profile speculative stocks.

      Any buyout will happen at a bargain PPS.

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      • $9 and change is only an "upswing" looking at the last 30 days. This stock is still near it's 1-yr low and certainly depressed since its initial offering. If there IS interest in buying it out (and I'm not saying there is), this WOULD be considered a "...bargain PPS". And IF there is more than one party interested, waiting too long "...under 7 or 6, or maybe 5" may be a risk some may not want to take if they are truly interested in P.

        And there are still some pending decisions which MAY have an upward draft on this PPS; fiscal cliff resolution, legal decision on royalties...This stock will only likely "crash back down" if either/both do not go their way. (Can YOU tell the future?)

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      • Your assessment would be true if there was only one company interested in acquiring Pandora, however, I honestly believe that Apple, Google, Facebook and a few others would love to own it and the waiting game for the MM's to drag the stock down, as you mentioned, may never happen.

        All the companies interested in buying Pandora have enough cash and support that they will want to act fast and before the others.

        Stay tuned...

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