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  • mnmc660 mnmc660 Mar 24, 2013 7:55 AM Flag

    Pandora inks deal!

    Isn't this the big deal that everyone has been talking about for quite some time? What happened to the stock on the day of the announcement? Once again a huge label has sunk billions into an unproven model just to seem relevant. I'll leave it to the readers to figure which company is the more desperate in this latest sham. Microsoft is late to the game and needs to make a splash to make the new platform seem legitimate and Pandora can't make any money from it's failed model. Microsoft doesn't share with anyone as history shows and Pandora appeals to a crowd that has an empty wallet, neither will benefit from this venture with a profit. Pandora will finally show the world that no matter what it's model wont work and it does my heart good to see this move. This venture between competitors clears the smoke just enough that all can see the writing on the wall. Reminds me of the lyrics (king of nothing) and the fairy tale where the king wasn't wearing any clothes. Pandora will be able to boast how they have more listeners but it wont help the sales of the new phone at all. Pandora is just being used in this deal because if they WERE relevant Microsoft would've bought them outright. I personally hope for ten more deals like this in the near future in the hopes that people will see the price of ads coming down to rock bottom when those that advertise realize no real return from the empty wallet crowd. Maybe some think this will help the cause with the royalty issue, but how much does I-Tunes pay per song? Who's the biggest fool here, the old men that are convinced to invest in something they don't understand or the rabid underemployed listener? Pandora is a great service with millions of listeners but it will never be a money maker in the terms that attract the serious investor for very long. Do the math, how many listeners and paying subs do they have at present? How many more will it take to make a profit that is significant enough to add more value to the service?

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    • The only fact I can discern here is that you are an underemployed listener who isn't stating any real facts, just opinion and fairy tail comparisons.

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      • I was hoping for some real numbers or expectations about potential income from this venture and I get a mimic instead. Just when you think Pandora has pushed the limits of free, up pops Microsoft with an app? This stock is for kids and old men that can be swayed to believe this will be big. This stock is destined for death like Groupon. Anyone with real numbers can't be found here just kids working the room.

    • OK so you're short.

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      • Isn't it strange that anytime anyone disagrees with the pump and dump babble that appears daily people think your short. No I'm not short and don't short stocks ever. If you disagree with what I've written state some facts that prove me wrong. You did read where I said that the service IS great, right? Sears bought out K-mart and thought it would be a great idea to sell Craftsman tools and some top brands to make the store look more relevant and where did that get them? It isn't tech but the principle is the same. Sears had been downsizing for years before the market collapsed because of lagging sales when Walmart finally put the last nail in K-marts coffin. It wasn't just Walmart that put K-mart under but too much competition which is why this move is more show than anything else. Pandora tried to increase mobile ads and succeeded for one quarter. Now ask yourself how many new companies are trying to make revenue with an ad supported model? Look at the space that is trying to sell music alone for the last 10 years doing it and you wont find a single one that has done it. Once again the phone space is way too crowded for the Windows phone to make the splash of old and it plays into the same principle that I mentioned before. As I mentioned. those that buy the new phone wont care how much they spend to hear music and content, but why would they spend their time with something second rate when they could spend less time with a better service that has more of what they need? Sirius found out they couldn't make money with ad revenue because they couldn't target specific audiences and never achieved the 10% Karmazin wanted in his early model. Soon the plan will be to tout the amazing numbers the freemium model has created and still neither company has figured out how to make money say nothing about how to share the pittance they'll collect if any.

    • pandoran_in_at_8_bucks pandoran_in_at_8_bucks Mar 24, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

      Siriusaurous Alert!!
      By clicking on a poster name you can see all their postings and easily spot the fading and soon to be extinct Siriusaurous.
      Another way to recognize this pathetic animal is by their constant references to subscriptions. They just don’t get it, Pandora is all about the 15 billion dollar radio aid market not subs.
      If you do come across one of these poor fellers, be nice to them. The SIRI PPS is about to drop back into the 2s.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • So why do these Sirius XM boys come over to Pandora's message board and post this "stuff"?

        Sentiment: Buy

      • On Jan 11 2013 mnmc660 posted “Selling into the predictable rally? Those that bought in the 3.08 range getting out on this volume.”
        How’s that predictable rally going, SIRI was just trading at 3.07, I guess you’re only down a penny, LOL
        And why do these old Siriusaurous come to an Internet Radio message board to post their trash, sad isn’t it?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • You got the dinosaur part right, you got anything but childish name calling behind your claims. It's been over 10 years since Pandora has tried to just break even and hasn't. I hope your right that Sirius goes back to the 2s as you say so I can load up big time. Your right that I'm a Sirius shareholder, but I'm not the one that constantly produces articles that compare models. You claim Pandora doesn't want subs but ad money, tell that to the company that you ask to air their ad and see their reaction. When you click on the poster name you'll see that I don't frequent this site very often pumping Sirius as the best thing since sliced bread, which is more than you can say. Advertisements are evil and bothersome and hurt the service which is why most can't stand it for very long. You have until the next report to take the profit you claim to have.

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