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  • jackbaumeister jackbaumeister Jun 10, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    Why Apple Radio cant kill Pandora

    3/4 smartphone users are using an android at this time. The number of Android users to iPhone users in the recent past has been climbing dramatically. Android users will keep using Pandora and I have no doubt many Apple users will chose Pandora over Apple Radio as well due to the fact they already have their personal stations set. I am 16 years old and my friends with hundreds of hours logged on Pandora will not even consider switching to Apple Radio after how personalized their Pandora accounts are.

    This WILL NOT affect the stock in the long term.

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    • It's not a matter of killing Pandora, its a matter of competition limiting Pandora's growth prospects. You get Apple, Google Play, Amazon or any other Companies with large, loyal user bases offering competing services and it fragments the market.

      Looking at yahoo you have a PEG of 8.40 based on analyst estimates of 45% growth rate over the next 5 years. Valuations can go all over the place with momentum and growth companies so that doesn't mean much, but take away the growth or give the market a reason to question the growth and the mojo in the momentum can turn on a dime.

    • Not exactly correct. Globally, Android has the lion's share of the market. However in the US, which is the only country that matters at this point for Pandora, Apple has equal market share with Android. And with Pandora taking forever to expand internationally (if it ever happens beyond markets that mean nothing, ie, New Zealand and Australia), Apple iRadio will have the head start over P everywhere but the US.

    • Jack,

      You are wise beyond your years.

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