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  • sharpeyeddude sharpeyeddude Jul 9, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    "Reallity" now playing on Pandora

    I use Pandora, I like to specifically choose the music I listen to, when I want to...that is a "good thing" the real world someone has to pay for this service. As P discovered during their initial roll out, NO ONE will pay a user fee(ask facebook) and furthermore, one of the MAJOR contributing factors for people like me was the fact that we did not have to listen to irritating ads. Uninterrupted listening to the music of MY CHOICE "WAS" the original bait cast out by Pandora during their initial roll out but, that aggravating thing called reallity just HAD to come along & screw things up. Pandora faces the same & in some instances a tougher challenge than other stations that try to sell ads that will generate & sustain a customer paying base they can survive on. Companies that advertise MUST see positive results from their ad dollars or else. I use Pandora much like the rest of the radio stations I listen to, I click it on to my choice of station then get busy or simply walk away reducing P to a "desired" background noise and it is very unlikely that I will ever respond to an ad that I do not want to hear or see, in a positive way.

    So, where does that leave Pandora? Well I suppose they could try to do live remote broadcast's like their competitors or offer some type of clickable lottery(if it were legal) or a combination of many promotional idea's that have been tested during the past 75 years but the undeniable fact is that listeners respond best(if at all) to "local" radio & TV ads.

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