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  • kupi23 kupi23 Sep 18, 2013 8:31 PM Flag

    Tonight is the last stand for the shorts...

    This evening I-Radio is out. If there aren't three or four reputable tech people that are singing praises for this product, then it's onward and upwards for Pandora as a company and their stock as well. Wasn't that what all the shorts were waiting for? If Pandora doesn't open in premarket a couple of dollars down, then more people from the sidelines will climb on board. The shorts will have to buy, what other bad news for Pandora could they wait for? Their last monthly metric release was up 5% month over month for Pandora? At that point most shorts are down at least 25% just over the past two weeks (assuming they bought around $20/share). And nobody want's to be the last person needing to close a short position. That's the way I see this.

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    • Feel about my short position.

    • pandoran_in_at_8_bucks pandoran_in_at_8_bucks Sep 18, 2013 10:04 PM Flag

      Well said.

      Eight Bucks

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    • I haven't found a lot of big name review of iTunes Radio yet besides CNET's, which was glowing (they believe the service is better than Pandora's). I do know from my experience with the service that it's awesome. I absolutely love it. Way less ads than Pandora with only 1 audio ad per 15 minutes and 1 video ad per hour. Of course, with iTunes Match it's ad-free, which I am a subscriber of.

      My guess is there are going to be lots of glowing reviews. If you haven't tried it give it a shot. That way you can give it an honest comparison.

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    • the stock is up 30%+ in 5 days....what makes you think the short interest is still high?

    • why did all those insiders sell shares this month??

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      • pandoran_in_at_8_bucks pandoran_in_at_8_bucks Sep 18, 2013 10:03 PM Flag


        As kupi23 posted, it was reoccurring stock sales, aka programmed sales. Forgive my directness, but if you had to ask this question, it demonstrate your experience level. It’s not an eye poke, but you know you learned a very expensive lesson.

        If you cut your losses, step back and do a lot of research on Pandora, you will understand why we are at these levels and understand where we are going. As I have often posted, “The best is yet to come”.

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      • Because maybe they are buying something with the proceeds, duh... Who cares, they busted their tails and are entitled to take some money off the table. I'd do the same thing. With incentive stock options, they'll replenish what they've sold. iRadio is just another service, but Pandora is still the market leader. Stop with your nonsense posts Dudoro80. You call the longs greedy, then follow it will good luck longs, congrats, then go back and trash the longs. They have medicine for bipolar disorders......

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      • Planned reoccurring stock sales by executives. It's a common practice. Michael Dell used to do that. Their company just got to an all time high, so why not cash some in?

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    • How is that possible your company only makes money off the ads.... Iradio offers more ...

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      • First of all it's not just "my company". I'm one of many shareholders :). I used to sit in my car and listen to music while stuck in traffic during rush hour on the Kennedy "Expressway" (oxymoron) in Chicago. Once you get one commercial, you are getting about four minutes worth and if you try to switch stations, they have their commercials on the same time (go figure). So I then bought a Sirius radio and the difference with listening to radio with or without commercial is like night and day. Try going back to using a computer connected to the internet with a phone modem. You don't want to do that. So they draw the people in with their "free" product and then they too get to a point where if they are at work, or at school, or now sitting in rush hour in their car and for $35 bucks for a year you can do away with the commercials. I tried it for a few weeks and then paid for an annual subscription. The new exec with roots from Microsoft understands marketing and I'm sure he will have some more ways of monetizing this great product. In the mean time I'm a happy customer that likes the concept and where it's going.

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