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  • posyche posyche Nov 29, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    P Setting up for a down week next on light holiday trading with no drift up

    would have expected P to drift up with the rest of the market today, and it did
    for a bit, but could not break the 29.00 level on very light trading.

    i look for a quick sunup on monday (perhaps an excellent chance to short, and or take profit
    before continuing to test a reversal to mid term downtrend.

    the market is setting up for a sunup on monday with a correction on tues. or wed.
    a small one of maybe 1--2% as there is little volativity, and or talk of a top.

    low volume drifts up are providing good profit taking capability in general while the retail
    investor money continues to trickle in.

    when some of the major institutions begin to take real profit (likely in jan-feb) the others will
    have to follow with stop loss gains, and as usual, the retail investor will be in high, and drained.

    for P i believe that time is a bit sooner, as dec. numbers could well provide a bit of negative insight
    toward growth, and a flattening to loss of users.

    as such, i am looking for a run to 29.20 on monday, and a pullback on tues. or wed. to retest the 27.00
    mark. a break of that will be the signal for 25-26 step down.

    i guess i pretty much believe monday, and perhaps tues. will be the last time P see's 29.00
    for a long, long time.


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    • looking for P to cave slightly with market pressure, which it has not yet done today.
      end of day, looking for a close below 28, which will signal the move down i have been
      i believe the article by rocco, (the consummate p pumper who should probably change
      his name to rocco pandora) has tempered any real down
      movement today, but it could cave end of day, or tomorrow on open.
      will be interesting to see if any listener data is released this week.
      i don't really think they will want to put out the numbers, and actually
      have a feeling they will wait till next week, if they intend to release them.

      still, looking for some confirmation with a close below 28, perhaps as low as 27.78

      we shall see


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      • I seriously doubt it is going to go down much at all right in front of the CFO presentation, which is happening tomorrow. Last time the CFO spoke, the stock moved up very strongly. In my view,this was partly due to the fact that he provided really important clarification on how so many of the P advertising customers now have P fully integrated into their procurement platforms; many fold more efficient from the paper-based system with which P sales people had to struggle for so long. I'm looking forward to see more clarifications on this and other matters, and believe we will be seeing significant hints of rev acceleration. In my view, P is in a far better position now to take revs and EPS to a whole higher level.

    • P behaving pretty much as expected today, with a bit of a run up, but not quite yet toward the 29 and above mark yet. we'll have to see later today what happens, and whether the market is in profit pullback or
      continue to drift higher mode.

      a note on institutional ownership listed on yahoo at 101%, it is very much looking like who is going
      to make the first move to get out.

      the question becomes in my mind, will they wait until year end to try and squeeze out a bit more profit
      out of the stock, or will some of the longer holders make their move to secure high profits.

      dec. numbers could either force that move, or support a bit more drift up, but i have suspected
      they will trigger a move to get out shortly afterward.

      once we begin to see downgrades, (as with the internet sector at goldman today) to neutral,
      the signal will be that some have been selling, and others should begin to follow.

      meanwhile, enjoy the ride today, and still suggesting to take profits anywhere above 28.40 at this point.
      short side would be above 29.00 in my view.

      looking for the beginning of changing trend to heavily down by wed. or thurs., as the market has not
      yet run up as much as expected today.

      volume light...when it picks up, I'm pretty sure it will bring p down to the 25-26's


    • What December numbers? If you really care to place money one way or the other, you'd better get a clearer picture on whether they will actually be reporting anything at all before March 2014. Maybe check with IR to get them to explain why Zack's made the statement that: although they wont be reporting these numbers, they will give guidance for this period.

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