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  • ob3nj ob3nj Jul 10, 2014 3:51 PM Flag

    8 Bucks

    I do not particularly like your attitude however I do agree with you on P's competition being radio rather than Apple et al, which truthfully was brought about from your postings. That being said, I disagree as to its valuation at this point in time and truly believe it belongs lower rather than higher but Mr Market will change that, when and if I am not sure but I believe it is coming closer to that point.


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    • ob3nj
      Sorry for the attitude, but I’ve seen the trash that has been posted here since we traded at $7.08. Check out posters like Shammdora, “The Stalker” and their posting history. People that took his advice not only lost money, but missed a great opportunity to make a lot of money.
      In any case, regarding valuation, if you do some serious DD you might understand the true potential of Pandora.
      All the best,
      Eight Bucks

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • 8 bucks to sell below 8 bucks, greed kills, trading 101

      • 8 bucks, our differences lie in the timeframes. I think short term P has some issues to contend with however your investment horizon is longer I guess. Short term, I do not see any improvements to get this to where you see a new year high. However by all means please post what you think will get you to new highs.


      • First of all, your attitude started when you created that BS ID. Everyone knows you don't have a cost basis of $8. Secondly, anyone taking advice from anyone on a Yahoo MB is an idiot and deserves to lose money, however I never advised anyone to do anything. I simply stated what my opinion was, and still is. Thirdly, nobody lost anything if they didn't buy, just as you haven't gained anything if you haven't sold, and you've explicitly told everyone here that you're in for the long haul and haven't sold. Finally, you've been touting "the best is yet to come", even at $40. Anyone that listened to your pedantic advice from Oct13 through today is likely sitting on a loss, or perhaps a small gain that could have been a larger gain if one had put their money elsewhere. So maybe you'd like to re-examine who's giving poor advice, and stop blaming your attitude on other people. It's your own ego that dictates your attitude, not others.

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